What Repels & Attracts Mosquitoes to Humans in San Antonio, TX? What Blood Do They Prefer?

When it comes to summer pests there are some that cause problems the entire season. One pest that is a problem for many people are mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are known for carrying diseases that can be transferred to a person. The diseases are a real problem and some of them can lead to the need for medical attention. Mosquitoes are big news the last few years because of the Zika virus. The Zika virus is a problem that has been in other countries but has recently been found in the United States. The disease is the most damaging to a woman that is going to be getting pregnant. Not only is it a problem for the mother but can transfer medical conditions to the unborn child. The problem is there is no way to know which mosquitoes are carrying the disease that you need to be cautious of so you need to do what you can to keep them all away.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Explains What Smells & Odors You Might Be Giving Off That Are Attracting Mosquitoes

Your Breathing Can Attract Mosquitoes: When you are outdoors especially during dusk you are at risk of being bitten by a mosquito. There are also other aspects that bring mosquitoes around and one of them is your breath. If you breathe you are attracting mosquitoes in a sense. When you exhale you are releasing carbon dioxide into the air. The carbon dioxide emits a smell that is attractive to a mosquito. They are drawn to the carbon dioxide because that means there is something alive nearby. You can’t do anything about breathing but understanding that this is a draw can help. If you are outdoors near mosquitoes you want to try and keep your breathing under control. Don’t go for a run or exercise during peak mosquito times.
What Blood Type Attracts Mosquitoes: This is another aspect of your life that you really can’t change but the type of blood you have could be drawing in mosquitoes. There are three main types of blood and one of them have been found to attract while one deters mosquitoes. They each have their own unique smell and mosquitoes seem to love O blood type. The smell of A blood type is one that doesn’t attract them. This is a good explanation when you are sitting in a group and one person is bitten more often than someone else in the group. You just need to know what blood type you have and know that you might be a tasty treat for a mosquito.
Perfumes & Colognes Can Attract Mosquitoes: When you get ready for the day you most likely do the same routine. You have a favorite soap, shampoo and lotion that is part of your day. The problem is these smells that are lingering around you throughout the day can be attracting them. The more flowery and fragrant the perfume, cologne, lotion and soap is the more mosquitoes will be attracted. If you know that you will be outdoors be sure that you use a mild soap that is fragrance free.

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