What Problems Can Fleas & Ticks Cause in Balcones Heights, TX? How to Get Rid of Infestations in My House

Fleas and ticks have been known to be not only a nuisance, but also a health risk. They can potentially transmit harmful diseases onto their host. Any flea or tick infestation can be difficult to contend with, but luckily the locals have a secret weapon on their side during the fight. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control has all the necessary credentials, top in their class expert technicians and high quality equipment and products to deal with pests, including ticks and fleas, and to help prevent infestations.

What Problems Can Fleas Cause?

There are quite species of fleas that have been plaguing man and the beasts of the world for ions of time, but the cat flea is the most common and usually the primary focus in standard flea control products. Fleas are more drawn to animals, where they will their eggs. Fleas and eggs can be found in favorite and frequent resting areas, eating stations or popular paths where the pets walk through or dwell. Adult fleas require feasting on blood for reproduction, needing the nutrients and protein for laying eggs. Flea larvae are very tiny and look more like worms. They feed on adult flea excrement, which is mostly digested blood. Larvae will then mature into the pupa phase and can be delayed before reaching adulthood over 6 months if there isn’t a suitable host. When the larvae are in search of a host, they respond to vibrations, carbon dioxide, and pressure, which let them know that there is a tasty banquet within reach. When it is discovered pets have been overwhelmed by fleas, it is necessary to treat the home and property to ensure fleas do not continue to fester your pet. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control has the expertise to treat flea infestations to keep you and your pets safe.

What is So Bad About Ticks

Ticks need a host to feed on, but they can easily be found outside, nearly anywhere as they are excellent climbers and are in constant search of a host. There are several species of ticks that inflict animals, as well as people. The primary concern with ticks is that they can potentially transmit disease, Lyme disease being the most common, and other illnesses and bacteria when they feed. Ticks are active all year round, being able to withstand cold temperatures. Even in adulthood and within the same species of ticks, they can grow to be a variety of sizes. Deer ticks, American Dog ticks, Brown Dog ticks and Black-Legged ticks are the more commonly found ticks. Where ticks are more versatile, depending on species, they can lay their eggs outdoors and indoors. They will feed on nearly animal, including people, but wildlife and domestic pets are favorable, as they can easily hide and feel secure in the surrounding hair or fur. If ticks have been discovered, professional pest control is necessary to ensure all ticks and eggs are efficiently eradicated. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is the best in the business and can terminate ticks and dramatically minimize future infestations.

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Our technicians at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control have been expertly trained, and continue ongoing education to keep current in methods, techniques along with common and unique pest infestations. With our experience, skills and professional quality products and equipment, we can properly treat fleas and ticks in your home and property. Call us today!

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