What Pests are Active at Night in Santa Clara, TX? Rodents, Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Raccoons & More

When you are dealing with pests that are in your face it can be extremely annoying. Flies hovering around your house landing on your lunch, bees outside the house bothering your barbeque and rodents raiding your pet food dishes are just a few of the pests that people find annoying. What is interesting is that these pests are a problem and most people will contact a pest control company upon first sight. There are some pests that don’t come out at night and won’t be in your face making it hard to know that they are even there. The first sign that you have these pests are when you walk downstairs at night and flip on a light. All of a sudden the scurrying starts and you realize that pests are hanging out while you sleep. These pests are the ones that stalk at night and may go undetected for some time. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control lists some of the most common night time stalking pests.

Rodents Come Out a Night

When you have a problem with rodents the first sign they are there is often their feces or dropping behind cabinets or appliance. They are illusive and will hide all day long making just about no noise at all. Then when the sun goes down out they come looking for a tasty morsel. Although they are not technically a nocturnal critter they are very wary of people and will do what they can to stay away from you at all cost. That means that when you are sleeping at night they come out and collect what they need for nests and collect food as well. They are able to reproduce fast and that means that a large infestation could happen right under your nose.

Cockroaches are Active at Night

This is a pest that is nasty for many reasons. They are a pest that carry bacteria and disease that can affect you and your family. They walk around their own feces and then across your surfaces leaving it for you to touch. They are another one of the pests that stalk your home at night. They are a nocturnal creature and during the day they hide in cracks, crevices and behind appliances and cabinets. When the sun goes down out they come. They will traverse your kitchen counters, get in your food and garbage. They also can go undetected because they are small and quiet and stay away in the day light. When you start to see them at night you need to have your home treated as soon as possible.

Bed Bugs are Most Active at Night

Bed bugs could be one of the all time best night stalkers of all pests. They are really good at hiding in the day time in the crevices of your mattress, furniture and walls. They are easily missed and the first sign that you have bed bugs happens to be bites! That means that they have been sleeping in your bed and when you lay down at night they start to feed on your blood. They are highly illusive and so small that they are very difficult to see.

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