What Kind of Termites Do We have in Shavano Park, TX; Subterranean, Western Drywood & Desert Damp Wood

You are walking through your property and you have noticed that there are holes in some wood or maybe even a swarm of bugs by your house. Don’t let this go untreated. There could be termites, and termites will destroy the wood on your home or around your home. So, what type of termites do you think you have? A Five Star Termite & Pest Control wants to help you learn about three different types of termites that are in San Antonio Texas. The ability to identify the type of termite will help ensure the right type of intervention to get rid of them.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites Live in colonies in the soil. These termites live in the ground where there is moisture so they can survive. They are the most common termite in Texas. In their colonies there are three types, there are workers, reproductives, and soldiers. The worker termites make up the larger number of termites in the colony and are wingless. The reproductive termites have wings, but termites are not strong flyers. They can grow about 1/8 inch long. They are a creamy white to a dark brown color. These termites will make mud tunnels through the ground into your home.

Western Drywood Termites

The Western drywood termite lives just like their name indicates. They like to live in the dry wood that is above ground. They do not need soil like the subterranean termite, so you will find them in dry wooden eaves, siding, or roof shingles on your home. If you have them you can tell because they will be swarming from a small opening and there will be fecal pellets near the wood. These termites usually have red or brown bodies and are anywhere between 3/8 and ½ inches long.

Desert Damp Wood Termites

These types of termites like damp, wet wood. You will most likely find them if there has been any water issues that have resulted in damp wood in or near your home. Many times when you find out you have these termites you also find out you have a water leak. They are mostly a brown color, but their Nymphs are more of a cream color. They are about 1/3 to over ½ inches long.

Why is an Annual Termite Inspection Important?

It is very important that you get an annual termite inspection. This can help save your home and the wood on and around it from being destroyed by termites. An inspection can help find the termites before they cause too much damage to the wood. An early treatment plan can also help stop the damage that the termites have already caused.

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Termites in your home are not something you want to let go untreated. If you have a suspicion that you have termites give A Five Star Termite & Pest Control a call and we will come out and check for termites to make sure your home is safe and free of these destructive pests.

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