What Kind of Rats & Mice are Found in Balcones Heights, TX? Field & Deer Mouse, Roof & Norway Rat & More

One of the biggest and scariest pests to come across in your home or around your home is a rodent. Rodents are known for their disease and destructive behavior. They tend to get into your home through looking for food and water. Once they find a quiet and comfortable area, they build a nest and start to multiply. When they start to find what they need for their nest is when the destruction starts. They will use insulation and clutter to prepare their new home, chewing wires and damaging materials in the process. This can cause a mess and not to mention cause some serious damage that could be a potential danger. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control has a list of rodents that you might come across in New York and how to identify them.

Do Field Mice Infest Houses?

A field mouse is also known as a house mouse and they are found in homes across America. This species of mouse are usually quite small and come in many colors which include brown, grey and black. They tend to be curious about the things that are around them and will go in to investigate. A field mouse can become pregnant every 30 days so they tend to over populate an area quickly. They are willing to scavenge for just about any kind of food they come across. If you have failed to clean up the dishes after dinner it can be a huge feast for a family of mice. The easiest way to identify a field or house mouse is by their small size, large rounded ears and long scaly tail. Field mice are considered dangerous because they are carriers of the hantavirus which can lead to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome which causes serious respiratory problems.

Are Deer Mice Dangerous?

This is another common rodent that you may find in and around your house. They tend to also sneak in through small cracks and crevices and will set up a nest right away. Once they find a reliable food and water source they are only going to leave when it is depleted or a professional pest control company gets rid of them. These mice are also fairly small and have the same kind of rounded ears as well as large beady black eyes. They have a two color fur pattern that includes a white underbelly and their top coat is a brownish reddish color. Deer mice are known carriers of dangerous diseases that may spread through mouse parasites or contaminated food.

Where Do Roof Rats Live During the Day?

The scary part about having a roof rat in or around your home is that as long as they are able to find food they will stay and live close to you without a second thought. They tend to be found most often in the attic space where they will chew through any wiring that may be open. A roof rat can grow to be about eight inches in length with another ten inches with the tail! They can be found in black or grey colors and have small ears and large black beady eyes. A roof rat spends most of the day sleeping in its nest so if you see one during the day, it could indicate a larger population on your property.

Why are Norway Rats a Problem?

This is a rat that many people consider a super rat. They are very large and can be around 16 inches in length! A female can have up to 20 babies at a time and that means they reproduce at a large fast rate. You can identify these rats by their large thick body and their flat short nose. Norway rats are a destructive pest that eat and contaminate food, damage property by their gnawing and burrowing, and spreading harmful diseases that can affect people and pets.

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