What Keeps Carolina Wolf, Gray Wall Jumping & Other Spiders Out of Your House in Helotes, TX?

One of the scariest pests that you can come across in or around your home is a spider. There are several kinds of spiders that have venom and can be dangerous if you are bitten by one. One of the pest ways to prevent and treat for pests around your home is to be able to identify them and know what it is that you are dealing with. There are several kinds of spiders that are found around the Greater San Antonio, TX area. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control lists some common spider species below.

Carolina Wolf Spiders

This is one of the common types of spiders that are found in the area. Carolina Wolf spiders are one of the scariest to come across as well since they look so big and hairy. They come in brown, tan or grey and have a small amount of fur on their body and legs. They have thick sturdy legs and can see really well even in the dark. They are found most often around your home and in the grass. One interesting fact about the wolf spider is the mother will carry her live young on her back. This is a scary sight and if you try to kill one by smashing it you will release the babies that will scatter all over the area.

Crab Spiders

These spiders get their name from the look of their legs since they wrap around the sides of their body and the way they move like a crab from side to side. They are tan and black and are most identified by their long front legs. These spiders are also found outside around flowers and pants. They do not spin a web but hide out to attack their prey that may come by.

Gray Wall Jumping Spiders

These spiders are different from other spiders because of their small short legs and squatty body. Just like the name suggests these spiders are known to jump from one spot to the next and can be found hanging around on walls. They are much more active and have really good eye sight.

Yellow Sac Spiders

This type of spider is easier to identify than some others because they are light yellow in color instead of the standard black and brown hues that most spiders come in. The sac spider does not spin a web but instead spins a sac that they will use to live in and will protect their young. They do have some venom that can cause some trouble for someone if they are bitten.

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Other spiders found in San Antonio, Texas include Grass Spiders, Common House Spiders, Longbodied Cellar Spiders, Orb Weavers, Woodlouse Hunters, Brown Widows, Black Widows and Brown Recluse Spiders. The best way to keep your home from being infested with spiders is to have it treated on a regular basis by a professional pest control company. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control has expert technicians that can treat your home for all sorts of pests including spiders in the Greater San Antonio, TX area today.

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