What Keeps Bed Bugs Away in Timberwood Park, TX? How to Prevent a Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs have been on the rise for the past decade or so. Once nearly obliterated just after WWII, bed bugs are back with a strong resilience to once effective methods. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control has cutting edge technology to exterminate bed bugs along with advanced methods of detecting bed bugs and their eggs with specially trained visual inspectors.

Can You See Bed Bugs with the Naked Eye?

Bed bugs are tiny, flat, round and brown. Being nocturnal they lurk in the night to perform the criminal heist of your blood for their meal, and slumber in tiny nooks and crannies during the day where they feel safe and secure. Smaller groups tend to stick around the bed for convenient, but as their numbers grow, they expand in a room, spilling into more rooms, and so on until A Five Star Termite & Pest Control comes to your rescue.

How Can I Tell if We have Bed Bugs?

Being the bed bugs are in fact incognito, sometimes it takes some time to realize you have an infestation, below is a list of signs you have a bed bug infestation in your residential home or commercial business.
– Small drops of blood stains on your sheets.
– Bed bug excrement, which is small rusty and dark spots along the mattress, walls, bedding and clothing.
– Broken eggs, shed skins, and fecal matter in common hiding spots.
– Pungent odor of musty-like stench that bed bugs emit, the stronger the scent, the more bed bugs there are.

How Easily Do Bed Bugs Spread from House to House?

Since bed bugs are so small, and can easily seek refuge in the folds of clothing, luggage, and personal carryon like purses or briefcases for example, they can simply find new homes and spread quickly. Bed bugs can be found nearly anywhere, especially places that cater to the public, for example; lodging establishments, public transportation, airplanes, offices, schools and medical centers to name a few. But luckily there are some preventative measures you can take. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control has compiled a list to prevent bed bugs from intruding on your home or business.

How Do You Prevent Bed Bugs?

Prevent bed bugs by practicing the following habits:
– When staying in a hotel, motel or similar place of public lodging, conduct an inspection. Look through the mattress and box spring, especially along edges and seams and look for bed bugs themselves, or the rusty spots as evidence they have been there.
– Once you are home, unpack luggage in the garage or porch to avoid bringing the little blood suckers inside. As you empty the contents, thoroughly check for bed bugs, through washables in hot water and dry on hottest setting to kill any bed bugs or their eggs in case you missed any, treat your suitcase with pest control products, formulated for bed bugs.
– Encasements for your bed can protect the box spring bed bugs.
– If you buy second hand clothing or furniture, inspect the meticulously outside, for extra assurance, call a professional to treat the furniture before bringing it in your home, and wash and dry clothing on hottest setting.

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Bed bugs tend to bite in alignment, with red, itchy blotches. If you suspect bed bugs it is crucial to get A Five Star Termite & Pest Control on your side to quickly demolish their existence before the infestation spreads. Call us today to get started!

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