What Keeps Bed Bugs Away in Hollywood Park, TX? Bed Bug Inspection, Detection, Treatment & More

With bed bug infestations being on the rise in recent decades, it is important to understand the little blood suckers to help with prevention and early detection. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control specializes in bed bug control. Our unique team of experts have been certified and trained to efficiently and rapidly inspect and locate live bed bugs and their filthy eggs. We service the San Antonio, TX area among commercial buildings and residential homes. Quickly, effectively and discretely searching for all bed bug infestations thoroughly searching the entire building, bed bugs are found and properly exterminated.

Why Did Bed Bugs Come Back?

Bed bugs were nearly wiped out of the U.S. just after WWII. With potent chemicals terminating them, bed bugs were mostly known through children’s nursery rhymes. But with modern travel, and bed bugs being more tolerant of once effective pesticides, they have flourished. Generally, they are a dull brown color, although after feeding their bodies are bloated and look red. They are extremely tiny, thus their abilities to go undetected helps their incognito ways. Bed bugs are nocturnal, and feed on warm-blooded humans nightly.

Where Do Bed Bugs Live & Hide?

Being nocturnal, bed bugs generally slumber close by their food source, and are more frequently found hiding in nooks and crannies around the bed. Within mattress seams and divots, box springs, head boards, linens and pillows, bed bugs favor the hidden surroundings that offer security. Bed bugs will spread out as their numbers grow, filtering around the room, in sockets, baseboards, door trims, behind wallpaper, closets, furniture, picture frames, and any where they can, eventually spilling into other rooms, especially so in buildings designed for lodging or sheltering a mass of people, like apartment buildings. With public, high volume catering to people, bed bugs can potentially be everywhere. Residential living accommodations, temporary lodging, medical facilities, movies theaters, offices, schools, airplanes, trains, or any public transportation, these little critters can be transported and relocated without you being none the wiser.

How Do You Prevent Bed Bugs?

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control have provided a generally list of prevention tips below.
– Vacuum suitcases after traveling and inspect all contents before putting away, and launder the fabrics thoroughly, and dry them on warm settings.
– Inspect sheets for blood spots.
– For extra security measures, wrap your suitcase in a garbage bag while in your room.
– Avoid second hand furnishings, if necessary; hire a professional to inspect it before bringing it into your home.
– Inspect the places where pets frequently spend a lot of time for any bed bugs, or signs of their presence on a routine basis.
– Bed bugs are elusive and crafty little pests, if you suspect an infestation, call A Five Star Termite & Pest Control as soon as possible.

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A Five Star Termite & Pest Control has been expertly trained in detecting and exterminating bed bugs. We are licensed and certified to perform bed bug services. With our expertise and efficiency, bed bug infestations will be properly exterminated. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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