What is the Most Effective Rodent Control for Norway Rats & Other Rodents in Santa Clara, TX?

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is a fully licensed and professional pest control service that specializes in keeping insects, rodents and other pests away from your home and office. We takes pride in offering the highest level of customer service available in the pest control industry. Our technicians treat every customer like family and will take care of any concern that you have when it comes to keeping pests away from your home and office. We train in the most recent and proven pest maintenance techniques that will result in your home and office being a permanent pest free zone.

Types of Rodents

One of the most irritating pests home owners come into contact with are rodents. Texas is home to a large population of mice and rats throughout the state. Some of the most common rodents that local residents are forced to deal with include deer mice, house mice, Norway rats and roof rats. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is familiar with all species of rodents that call Texas their home and every one of our technicians is skilled and experienced to remove these rodents permanently from your home.

What Happens During a Rodent Inspection?

Regularly scheduled rodent inspections can help to ensure your home or business remains a rodent free zone. Pest technicians will thoroughly inspect your home and office to search for any sign of rodents. Our technicians are experts at recognizing the smallest clue that rodents are present. We are equipped with only the latest and most effective tools to locate any rodents in your home and their nest, and then remove them from your premises.

Why is the Norway Rat a Problem?

One of the largest rodents that invade homes is the Norway rat. Norway rats are most likely to be found in urban areas, as they heavily rely on the food and shelter that human’s unintentionally provide for them. Norway rats are responsible for spreading a wide range of disease including Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis and dysentery. Norway rats continuously gnaw to keep their teeth trimmed and will do so on electrical wiring, insulation, clothing, furniture and other objects within the walls of your home. We will completely remove the presence of Norway rats and all other rodents from your home.

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A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is proud to offer the finest service maintenance programs available in pest control service today. Our technicians specialize in home inspections, locating any problem your home may be experiencing when it comes to rodents. Our technicians will work around the clock until your rodent problem is completely resolved. If you are experiencing rodent problems in your home or office, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today for the best rodent control service available in Texas.

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