What is the Best Way to Deter Woodpeckers in Hollywood Park, TX? Deterrent Devices

Many Texas homes become victim to woodpecker damage. Woodpeckers will poke holes along the home’s walls, roof and eaves, in most cases in their constant search for food. It may seem impossible to completely rid your home and yard of woodpeckers. However there are a few ways you can reduce and deter woodpeckers from invading your home and yard. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share a few ways you can help keep woodpeckers away.

Remove Woodpecker Food Sources

Woodpeckers survive on insects, fruits and seeds. They require protein in their diet and are quite determined to find insects to eat. Woodpeckers will eat many types of insects but especially like bees and wasps. If bees and wasps happen to build their nest along the fascia of your roof, it will often draw the woodpecker. To control woodpeckers you will want to reduce the food they can find near your home. This means controlling insects and other bugs they find appealing. For those who want fruit trees and bushes, plant them away from the home. You can keep woodpeckers distracted with a bird feeder if you live in a wooded area. Make sure to have the bird feeder placed as far away from the house as possible and hopefully they will have their fill on bird seed. Additionally, prevent water from dripping or puddling. Like all other animals, woodpeckers are dawn to a water source. Any type of water source will draw a large population of woodpeckers to your home.

What Scares Away Woodpeckers?

Woodpeckers don’t like owls or hawks, and some homeowners will use owl or hawk dummies to help scare woodpeckers away from their yard. You can also use reflective devices, such as reflective tape or aluminum items to flicker light. Wind chimes is another useful deterrent, especially if it is reflective. Woodpeckers don’t like sudden noise which is why wind chimes are a useful woodpecker deterrent.

Fix Woodpecker Holes Quickly

Once woodpeckers get started drilling holes, they will often return and continue to dig at the home in hopes to find more food. Repairing the holes quickly helps to deter the woodpecker from continuing to drill holes in your home. However, if the woodpecker continues to return and creates even more holes, you may need to cover the site with wiring or protect the area with a strong material. Some homeowners may invest in replacing the siding of the home with fiberglass cement siding to stop the bird from damaging the outside of the home. Remodeling the outside of the home can become a major investment which is why you may need help from a professional pest control service.

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To help control woodpeckers you may need additional help from a pest control service. When you need help controlling birds and especially woodpeckers, seek a pest control service that specializes in bird control. Not all pest control services can help with bird control. This is why you will need to find a pest control that does. There are other devices that can help control woodpeckers that a professional can help provide. Additionally, a pest control service can help deter them if there are local insects living around your home that is drawing woodpeckers to your property. A pest control service can help control those insects woodpeckers find tasty and hopefully reduce woodpecker encounters. If you need help controlling woodpeckers, other birds and other pests around your home, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control and schedule our services today.

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