What is the Best Trap for House Flies in Helotes, TX? Do DIY Fly Traps Work or Do They Just Attract More Flies?

Is there anything worse than a house fly infestation? They are not only an annoyance, but they can also pose a health threat if they contaminate your food. House flies are a constant battle during the summer and most people are looking for any way to get rid of them. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is here to share some DIY house fly traps that will help you get rid of these obnoxious insects this summer.

Soda Bottle Fly Trap

The first homemade trap we would like to help you make is with a soda bottle. You will first need a 2L soda bottle that has been completely cleaned out. Cut the top portion of the bottle off right about where the label starts. You will then fill the bottle up with a sugary liquid that will easily attract flies. This could be some fruit juice, sugar water or Kool-Aid; something along those lines. Once you have put a cup or so of that in the bottom, you will turn the portion that you cut off the soda bottle upside down and tape it back to the bottle. This will create a funnel that flies will be able to easily climb down in to get to the liquid, but will not be able to easily get out of. In fact, it will be nearly impossible for them to get back out.

Vinegar & Dish Soap Fly Trap

For the next trap, you will need to gather apple cider vinegar, fruity smelling dish soap, a mason jar, and some saran wrap. In the bottom of a clean mason jar, you will mix the apple cider vinegar and the dish soap together. Not so that the mixture is filled with suds, but together nonetheless. While you can use any dish soap for this trap, it is more successful if you use fruit flavored because of its sweet smell. Once you have placed that in the bottom of your mason jar, you will cover the top with saran wrap and poke small holes in the top that flies could easily crawl into. They will be attracted to the vinegar and dish soap enough to crawl into the holes and will not be able to get themselves back out.

Wine Bottle Fly Trap

The last trap is similar to the first with a funnel method. You first will take a wine bottle with a small amount of red wine left in the bottom. You don’t need much more than just about an inch for this to work. Next, take a piece of paper that you can make into the shape of a cone, or funnel that has an opening that is just big enough that a fly can get through it. Place that inside your wine bottle and tape it together. Flies will crawl in and will not be able to crawl out.

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