What Happens During a Pest Inspection & What Does it Consist of in Von Ormy, TX?

Inspections are a vital aspect to many different facets in life. From homes, to vehicles, to other automobiles and buildings and a host of other elements in life, inspections are in place to allow a certified professional to assess a specific condition of a particular source. A Five Star Termite and Pest Control offers pest inspections for residential and commercial needs. Today we would like to take the opportunity to relate some essential information regarding pest control inspections.

What Does a Pest Inspection Consist Of?

Pest inspections are done by professionals that can evaluate any current infestations, potential infestations in the area as well as the likely places that are vulnerable to letting pests in as well as the obvious places where infestations lie. The internal and external structure is meticulous inspected for such signs. Threats that are conducive to introducing timbers pests to your home as well as the history of pest treatments for the timber in addition to recommendation for your pest control maintenance and any other relevant and crucial advice for your goals.

Pest Inspection VS Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO)

Keep in mind that a pest inspection differs from a WDO inspection which is only in place to inspect the structure for wood destroying organisms (WDO). Pest inspections will inspect for a variety of pests. For example, A Five Star Termite and Pest Control inspection service meticulously searches for the exterior and interior of homes and businesses signs of common pests in San Antonio that routinely and occasionally invade. Following the detailed inspection, the professional, such as ours at A Five Star Termite and Pest Control will deliver a comprehensive report detailing the findings, particularly on the more severe pests such termites, carpenter ants, and bed bug beds to list as your top priority for remedying the infestation and consider methods of control to prevent future outbreaks. Additional pests include arachnids, insects, wildlife (including rodents and birds), among other pests. With the right solutions presented by an expert, any infestation can be efficiently eliminated, and your home or business effectively safeguarded from most potential infestation.

Interior Pest Inspection

During the professional pest inspection, the following structure interior is evaluated for an example:
1) Weather stripping condition around the windows and doors. Inspectors look for wear and tear, especially gaps and hole that can prevent pests from intruding.
2) The walls, flooring, and ceiling are checked for cracks and holes; patching any existing findings are recommended.
3) Leaky faucets and pipes are recommended for repair to eliminate favorable conditions and a convenient water source.
4) Any seen pet or human food easily attracting pests will be offered a recommendation to seal them in a tight container.
5) Trash cans are assessed for favorable pest conditions. They should be cleaned with hot soapy water routinely and fitted with secure lids.
6) Any clutter noticed will be advised to removal as it harbors pests.

Exterior Pest Inspection

1) Cracks, holes, and gaps in the exterior foundation, walls, and roof are looked for; if any are found, it will be encouraged you have them sealed appropriately.
2) Ventilation and utility access will be assessed for adequate barriers; any need for improvement will be represented in the report.
3) Window screen condition will be evaluated.
4) Trash should be cleaned, fitted with tight lids and stored as far from the home as possible; if they do not meet these criteria in the inspection, it will be suggested.
5) Landscaping is evaluated for potential threats and any adjustments will be recommended; such as trim grass, bushes, and trees away from the structure for example.
6) Removal of clutter noticed along the exterior is also encouraged for dispersant.

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If you want to make the smart decision to invest in a pest inspection, call A Five Star Termite and Pest Control today and let our professionals assist you!

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