What Does a Professional Bed Bug Inspection Consist of & are These Checks Accurate in Somerset, TX?

Some believe that bed bugs aren’t a problem in the summer. This however isn’t true. In fact you must worry about bed bugs all year long due to the hitchhiking nature of bed bugs. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will help you know how to inspect and prevent bed bugs this hot summer season.

How Do I Inspect for Bed Bugs

There are some basic signs of a bed bug infestation that the average homeowner can look for. A major infestation will have a musty smell inside the home. You also can start your visual inspection around your bed. Bed bugs hide near their food source which is…well…you! Yep, they feed on your blood while you sleep. Signs of bed bugs will be near beds. If your sheets have brownish red spots, it is a sign of bed bugs. If you’re constantly receiving bite marks in clusters or even in a straight line, you’re a victim of bed bugs. You can also look for bed bugs in cracks, crevasses, and dark places where bed bugs like to hide. This could be on your bed frame, mattresses, box springs and even furniture close to your bed. Bed bugs will travel up to eight feet a night to feed on a host.

What Does a Bed Bug Inspection Consist Of?

If you have conducted a visual search but are unable to find any bed bugs but still believe there is a bed bug problem in your home, you can hire an inspector to come and conduct a search of your home. They come equipped with tools and experience to locate bed bugs. Some bed bug inspectors conduct a visual inspection while others might come with bed bug sniffing dogs to help them locate the bed bugs lurking in the shadows. It helps to hire a professional inspector to discover the presence of bed bugs in your home.

How Do You Prevent Bed Bugs?

If bed bugs are discovered in your home, a pest control company will come and eradicate the bed bugs by using special equipment to heat up your home to high temperatures that will kill bed bugs. However prevention is in the homeowners hands. This comes down to regular cleaning of your home and especially the areas where bed bugs are prone to infest. Wash all washable linens in your washing machine with hot water and dry using high heat to kill bed bugs and their eggs. This means bedding and curtains etc. Afterward, vacuum your floors and furniture regularly to suck up any bed bugs and their eggs. It is also recommended to steam clean your carpets as well to prevent any leftover eggs from hatching. Prevention also comes from knowing how you bring bed bug into your home. Again they are hitchhikers that crawl onto clothing and back packs and even purses and you bring them into your home unknowingly. Unfortunately there is no bed bug detector that you can have on hand when you leave your home. However you can make sure your clothing is washed. Check any bags, and purses for signs of a hitch hiker.

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If you’re under attack by bed bugs in your home, A Five Star Termite & Pest Control provides inspections and can help you get rid of bed bugs that are found in your home. Don’t be a bed bug’s next meal. Call us today and be bed bug free.

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