What Do Cellar Spiders Hate & What Attracts Them in Windcrest, TX? How to Control Spider Infestations

There is one type of pest that seems to be feared more than most. The spider in general is a pest that people don’t want to see and if they do it is a fight to see who is going to squish it. It seems quite odd that they are feared so much since most of them are small and they don’t live in huge groups. They also are known to hide in dark spaces and when they see you coming they scurry off. There are some spiders that can bite and inject their venom. Although most of them don’t have enough to cause any serious injury, some can cause pain, discomfort and even make you very sick. One of the spiders you might encounter in your area is the cellar spider. They are often mistaken for a daddy long leg spider as they share some of the same characteristics. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines what you need to know regarding cellar spiders.

What Does a Cellar Spider Look Like?

There are actually two kinds of cellar spiders that are found in our San Antonio, TX area. One is called the long body cellar spider and they are the ones that are often mistaken for a daddy long leg. The body is small but the legs are quite skinny and long. They legs in this species of spider can actually reach up to two inches in length. The smaller short body cellar spider has short legs and look more like a standard spider. The cellar spider is an arachnid and a spider where a daddy long leg is actually not a spider but still an arachnid. They are grey or tan in color and are found in dark and often damp or moist areas. That is where they got their name because a cellar is a great place for them to hide.

Are Cellar Spiders Friendly or Aggressive?

The cellar spider hatches out of an egg sac that has been protected by the mother with her silk. They will grow larger over some time but at any age can be found infesting homes and more. They can be found in homes, especially the attic or even in the back of the closet. They like to be in a place that tends to be a bit darker where they can feel safe and hidden away. Cellar spiders are friendly to other cellar spiders as they prefer to live within close proximity to one another. Unfortunately, this can create troublesome communities within human dwellings. They are not considered aggressive towards humans and their bites are fortunately harmless.

What Smells Do Cellar Spiders Hate?

Eucalyptus, tea-tree or peppermint oils as well as vinegar might keep cellar spiders out as they appear to hate these smells. You can try spraying around windows and doors.

What Do Cellar Spiders Eat?

This is often the area that if you know more about is a way to stop or prevent an infestation. If you take the food away from anything they tend to leave. Cellar spiders enjoy eating other pests that are found in homes. They can be found feeding on moths, flies and even mosquitoes by trapping these unsuspecting insects into their web. If you are able to treat for pests in your home your odds of feeding a cellar spider will be reduced.

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When spiders are found in a home, often it is because they are attracted by other insects living there. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control offers comprehensive pest control services to treat for pests including spiders and the pests that attract them in and around your home.

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