What Do Black Carpenter Ant Bites Look Like in Timberwood Park, TX? How to Get Rid of Ants

When it comes to pests that are hard to deal with ants are right at the top. The reason behind it is the sheer numbers you are often stuck dealing with. Anything that comes in the amount of numbers that ants do will be hard to get rid of. That is because they are everywhere and can be in places that you are not able to even see. The other problem with ants is that if you treat them with the wrong method you are only stopping a small amount rather than dealing with the entire colony. One of the ants that are double trouble happen to be called a carpenter ant. They are just as hard to treat as any other colony of ants but they also cause lots of damage as well to your structure.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Explains Carpenter Ant Damage

Do Carpenter Ants Damage Wood?: There is a good reason they have the name carpenter ant. They don’t actually built you a new wood cabinet or a beautiful new table. Their expertise happens to be the destruction part of carpentry. They are able to destroy wood that you are relying on in your home or around your property. They are similar to a termite in the fact that their love of wood causes destruction but they don’t actually eat the wood like a termite. They simply chew through and tunnel through the wood and that causes damage to the area they pick. They often will start with wood that is exposed and even damaged from water or moisture. You might think that you have to repair that damaged wood anyway so what is the big deal. The problem is that right next to that damaged floor board or wall beam happens to be another that is in pristine condition. They will go from one to the next chewing through them damaging even wood that is in great shape. A colony of carpenter ants is quite large and they are working day and night on the wood in your home.
Are Carpenter Bites Painful?: You might be thinking that the ant is so small there is no way they can have that painful of a bite but this one might surprise you. They are able to pack a punch when they bite you leaving you with a hot welt that can cause you trouble for hours and even days. The reason they have such a hefty bite is the acid that they inject under your skin when they make contact. There are even species of carpenter ant that explode when they bite for added effect and to give the biggest impact on the bite.
Are Carpenter Ants Hard to Get Rid Of?: If you are thinking of taking on a colony of carpenter ants you may think twice. These guys actually live in colonies that can reach hundreds of thousands. The carpenter ant queen is even been known to service for up to 25 years. They are establishing colonies that are working together. That is why the treatment has to be something that will treat the problem at the source rather than a few thousand that you might come across outside the colony.

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