What Could Be Eating My Clothes in Alamo Heights, TX? What Kind of Bugs Infest Fabrics?

Have you ever noticed holes that seem to appear in your clothes overnight, with no explanation as to how they got there? There are actually several pests that feed on and damage clothing that you may not know about. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is here to talk about the many pests that could potentially damage your clothing if left unattended to.

Moths Damage Clothing

When you think of pests that damage clothing, the first one you probably think of is a moth. There are a couple of moths that cause problems for the clothes in your closet. Webbing clothes moth and the case bearing clothes moth. Both of these moths cause damage when they are in the larvae stage. Once they have fed on your clothes, they cycle into an adult and you rarely see them in your clothes as adults.

Crickets like Soiled Clothes

Many people don’t see crickets as a threat to their clothing, but they are. They don’t find clean clothes attractive, but they are attracted to body soiling on clothing as well as any food or drink stains. They even find laundry starch enticing. As they work on eating on the stains, they often end chewing small holes in your clothing. Not only do they create holes, but their excrement also stains clothing.

Silverfish & Firebrats eat Fabric

Firebrats and silverfish are related and look very similar. They both have carrot shaped bodies and are a silver/brown color. Both of these pests are nocturnal, but the firebrat likes warmer temperatures around 90 degrees F and silverfish are comfortable around 70 degrees F. They are attracted to food stains and body stains on your clothing and the holes will not appear in any pattern, but rather, follow the outside of the stain.

Cockroaches are Attracted to Clothes

Cockroaches are one of the most repulsive pests out there. They are known for the filth they seek out. Not only are they filthy, but they can damage your clothing. They are incredibly attracted to soiled clothes and will chew holes or weaken fabric while eating the stains off your clothing. Their excrement also stains your clothing. You may find that you have to treat the stains several times before being able to remove them.

Carpet Beetles Eat Cotton & Other Fibers

Female carpet beetles lay about 100 soft eggs that hatch within 18 days of laying them. You don’t have to worry about the adult carpet beetle damaging your clothing, but the larvae instead. These pests can be hard to detect and get rid of because they crawl around and hide when they aren’t feeding on the fabric of your clothing and other fibers in your home.

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If you are finding suspicious holes all over your clothing and can’t figure out where they could be coming from, it is time to turn to the professional pest control technicians at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control to get to the bottom of it. We can eliminate any clothes eating pests that could be taking over your closet. Call us today!

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