What Causes Gnats in the House to Suddenly Appear & How Do You Get Rid of Gnat Infestations in Terrell Hills, TX?

Gnats, one of the tiniest little pests that are one of the biggest nuisances among people and animals alike, are frequently getting into homes and businesses through open doors and windows, among other methods. Like most pests, gnats can slip in through fissures, holes, cracks, gaps, as well as being carried in by people unknowingly. Homes or businesses that have recently been properly sealed and the windows and doors are adequately screened as well as utility lines efficiently blocked, gnat populations can be reduced. There are two common gnats found in local homes and businesses that show up more frequently than others. They are the Fruit Fly gnat and Fungus gnat. At this time, we at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control would like to expound on these gnats.

What Causes Gnats to Suddenly Appear?

These gnats are more than likely carried into your home rather than gaining entry by other means. Rather than feeding on flesh and blood, the fruit gnats and fungus gnats are typically infesting fermenting edibles in your trash bins or even in jars of apple cider vinegar and the better fed these gnats are the quicker they can multiply. Dozens of gnats can be seen scouring the walls and ceilings and when their number continues to grow, clouds of gnats are observed hovering nearby. Gnats are not only getting your home through at any convenient entry point, but as we pointed out earlier, they use alternative methods that include them being brought into your home on the very items you recently purchased. When the fruit fly gnat and fungus gnat intrude they are looking for favorable as opposed to the open wounds and feces other gnats are partial to. Despite their fully able wings that permit those to fly, generally, the fruit fly gnats are carried into your home from purchased produce from the grocery store where fungus gnats are brought in potted plants an effort to keep your home clear of these annoying pests, there are a few things you can apply.

How Do You Keep from Getting Fruit Fly & Fungus Gnat Infestations

Below are steps to prevent and maintain fruit fly and fungus gnat infestations.
1) Store fruit and veggies: Store your freshly bought produce in the refrigerator instead of the counter or table immediately when you bring it home from fresh the store.
2) Efficient screens: Avoid leaving doors and window open without a screen. Periodically inspect the screens installed on your windows and doors of their condition and ensure they are small gauge to keep gnats out.
3) Trash properly sealed: Consider replacing your trash cans if they do not have lids or the lids do not properly seal with another that has a sealable cover; until then, be sure to remove the trash daily so that scraps can’t ferment and entice the gnats in.
4) Keeping it clean: If you expect optimal control of the population of fly species, good sanitation is essential. Not only is it healthier for you, but gnats and flies have little to feast on. Not only does practicing daily cleaning maintenance in your home contribute to avoiding gnat infestations, but also other pests that favor consuming gnats, like spiders. If you have an infestation of gnats, or any type of flies appearing in your home, it may prudent to call in a professional to avoid other infestations.

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If you have a gnat problem, call in the professionals of A Five Star Termite & Pest Control to assist you in removing the infestation.

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