What Can I Do to Keep Wasps & Bees Away in Terrell Hills, TX? Avoid Bright Clothes & Perfumes to Avoid Stinging Insects

The summer is in full force and that means that the pests that do best in this type of weather are out and about. The pest that is more of a problem than most are stinging bees and wasps. Bees and wasps are a necessary pest and are needed for pollination of plants. Also some species of bees and wasps produce honey. Although they are an extremely important pets to have around, being too close to people and causing trouble can be bad for everyone. The bees need a safe place to stay and people need to feel safe so that they are not tempted to try and kill the bees. Bees can be relocated if they are causing too much trouble but there are several things that you can do to keep them from swarming and stinging. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control offers helpful tips to keep bees and wasps from stinging you this summer and fall.

Stinging Insects Like Bright Clothing Colors

One of the ways that people unknowingly attract bees is by the clothes that they wear. The problem is that the color options in the summer months for people to wear are the same colors that attract bees. Bees are attracted to brightly colored clothing that mimic the look of flowers that are a huge attraction for a bee colony. If you have a neon or bright color shirt on you are a walking attraction for a bee. The better choice is to wear a lighter less conspicuous color to keep them away from you and your family.

Fragrances Attract Stinging Insects

If you smell like a flower you are attracting bees. When you are getting ready in the morning and heading outdoors you want to think about what fragrances you are using. This can be perfumes and even lotions. They are intended to smell just like a beautiful fresh flower and that is what bees are on the hunt for. If you smell like a giant walking flower a bee is going to come in for a closer look. You can look for lotions that are fragrance free during the summer if you think that you are going to be in an area that is going to have bees such as a pool or lake.

Bees & Wasps are Attracted to Human Food

Many people choose to go out for a picnic and pack food for their outdoor trips. This can be what is calling bees over to your outdoor event and that can cause some panic amongst the patrons. You want to watch out for foods that are extremely sugary such as soda and candy. Bees are known to be inside a can of soda to the surprise of the person that is drinking it.

Stay Still if a Bee or Wasp Lands on You

If you have followed all these tips and find yourself in the presence of a bee you can still prevent a sting. The bee does not want to sting for fun they tend to only sting as a defense. You can prevent this by keeping still when a bee comes your way. Do not start to wave your hands around and smack at the bee since this is what the bee will feel as an attack.

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