What Attracts Wolf & Other Spider Species to Your Windcrest, TX Home & How Do You Keep Spiders Away?

Texas is home to many pests that can get into your house and some of those pests include a variety of spider species. Spiders freak many people out and are one of the last things that anyone wants to see crawling around in their home. Unfortunately for us, spiders live very close to our homes and in many cases will find their way inside. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is one call away for the most reliable spider removal service available. Don’t let the sight of a spider send you running for the hills, contact a pest professional from A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today, to take care of any spider that crawls into your home.

Are Wolf Spiders Common in Texas?

One of the most common spider species that crawls into Texas homes is the wolf spider. Wolf spiders can be one of the most intimidating looking spider species that you come into contact with; they are sometimes referred to as baby tarantulas due to their hairy thick legged appearance. Wolf spiders are not poisonous, but they have been known to inflict a pretty painful bite. One of the more frightening attributes of a wolf spider is their speed, they are a ground hunter, which means that they do not spin a web to catch their prey, but they use their speed to chase the prey down and eat it. A rapid crawling wolf spider traveling across your kitchen floor is sure to send chills up your spine. All-Rite Pest Control knows what it takes to get these hairy spiders out of your home for good.

How Do You Identify a Fishing Spider

One of the largest spider species in the state of Texas is the fishing spider. The fishing spider is a little bit larger than a silver dollar when its legs are stretched all the way out and it is usually brown to dark brown in color. These very large spiders can be found running on the ground or sitting motionless on tree trunks. Fishing spiders are common near streams and wooded areas, but they have been known to wander into homes. Fishing spiders are not considered dangerous, but they will bite and are only harmful to those who experience an allergic reaction to their bite. The fishing spider is sometimes mistaken for the brown recluse spider, but brown recluse spiders are much smaller than the fishing spider. If you find fishing spiders too close to home, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today.

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There are a variety of spider species crawling around the state that can easily get into your home. While the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider are the two most dangerous spiders in the state, there are also other species to steer clear of. Texas is also home to the American house spider, grass spider, crab spider, yellow sac spider, cellar spider and many other spider species. If you are dealing with spiders being present inside of your home, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today, our technicians will eliminate all spider species from your home for good.

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