What Attracts Stink Bugs Around Your House in Marion, TX? How to Control a Stink Bug Infestation

Stink bugs are one of the most irritating pests that waltz into your home, while other pests you happily stomp on and throw out; the stink bug gets the last laugh because if you happen to smash it with your size 12 boot, it will leave a foul odor floating throughout your home. Killing stink bugs in your home is a sure way to set off a stink bomb. When stink bugs are improperly handled they will emit a liquid spray that comes from a specialized gland that is responsible for producing a nose hair burning, eye watering nasty pungent odor. The odor a stink bug emits has often been compared to the smell of cilantro or even that of a stunk. The stink bug uses this odor as a defense mechanism and if they feel threatened, you can bet that they will spray this awful smell in your home. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will help keep stink bugs and their foul odor out of your home for good.

How Do I Keep Stink Bugs Out of My Home & Garden?

The true annoyance of the stink bug is not the foul odor it emits when feeling threatened, it is the large amount of destruction it is capable of inflicting on your garden and other plants. Stink bugs are natural agricultural pests and are considered a top enemy to farmers. Stink bugs will feed on any plant they can get their hands on, they have been known to feed on crops like soy beans, orange trees, corn fields and your backyard garden tomatoes. Using their tube-like suckers, stink bugs feed on the plant’s juices. When left uncontrolled, stink bugs will destroy your garden, ravage a farm, and cause complete crop destruction. All Rite Pest Control will protect your garden and other plants around your home from the harmful effects of stink bugs with regular pest control service that will eliminate stink bugs and prevent them from ever coming back.

How Do You Control a Stink Bug Infestation?

Stink bugs continue to be a major problem due to the fact that many of their natural predators are dwindling in population. Due to the dwindling numbers of their prime predators near human society and the ability for stink bugs to reproduce at an extremely rapid pace, stink bug populations continue to increase. Stink bugs now flourish in every area of the country, which is astounding considering the fact that they come from Asia and now have destroyed farms across America. If you notice stink bugs within your home, out in your garden or throughout your property; contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control immediately. Stink bugs that are left alone will multiply quickly and become an even bigger nuisance.

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A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is skilled and experienced in dealing with stink bugs, eliminating them from your home and keeping them away permanently. Contact us today to remove stink bugs from your home once and for all.

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