What Attracts Squirrels to Your Sequin, TX House & How to Stop Squirrel Wildlife from Entering

There are some pests that can get in your house and when that happens you need to react. Pests are a problem no matter the size and shape because a small infestation can turn much larger in no time at all. How quickly you deal with the pest will determine how large the infestation gets and also how much damage they are able to do. The pests that cause damage are the ones you want to really keep an eye on and be cautious of if they make their way into your house. Some of the pests that are the most damaging happen to be wildlife like squirrels. They are larger than your standard cockroach, ant or spider which is one of the reasons they need to be dealt with. The other is that they will get in the house and cause damage to areas such as insulation, wiring and wood. A squirrel is a pest that you need to react appropriately when they get in your house so that you are able to stay safe. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines the steps you need to take when dealing with a squirrel in your house.

One Squirrel or a Family?

If you have some assumption that there is a squirrel in your house you need to use caution. A squirrel is a wild animal that should be living outdoors and has no business interacting with a person. That means that you cannot be sure how the squirrel will react when you get too close. That is why you need to assess what you are actually dealing with. You can try to do your best to determine if you are dealing with a single squirrel or an entire family of them. Also try and figure out where the squirrel is so that you can alert the professional when they come out.

Keep Your Distance from Squirrels

A squirrel is wild and they are actually scared more of you then you are of them. There is no way to know what they will do and how they will react. They are often known to make loud noise, spread out to look larger and even come at you if they are feeling scared and cornered. You want to make sure that you stay clear of where the squirrel is at do your very best to keep other people away are well. The same goes for any pets that you have in your house. A cat or dog are curious by nature and they might go see what the squirrel is all about which can lead to an attack.

How Do You Stop Squirrels from Entering

You want to make sure that you also walk around your home to see where the squirrel got into the house. You want to be sure that you block that particular area with a piece of wood or metal grading to stop any further squirrels from getting in.

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Lastly you want to call out a professional right away to come out and trap the squirrel. They can set a trap to safely remove the squirrel from your home so you can have some peace of mind. It is best to allow a professional to handle this type of work because they have the experience that the proper tools. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control offers pest control services that include treatment for squirrels. Give us a call today to make an appointment for all your pest control needs.

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