What Attracts Scorpions in Your Adkins, TX House? Scorpion Control, Prevention & More

With the summer heat comes one of the most notorious pest that comes with it; scorpions. There is an estimated 20 different species of scorpions found in the State of Texas. While more species of scorpions are regarded as harmless, there are some that are poisonous and for those with sensitive immune systems, any scorpion can pose a threat. To help make homes and yards safer from this summertime pest, A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share the behavior of scorpions and how you can keep them out of your home.

Where Do Scorpions Live?

While most people associate scorpions with the desert, they also live in many other areas such as grasslands, forests, caves, and in many urban environments. Scorpions thrive in warm and hot climates and are nocturnal, coming out at night to hunt. They will conceal themselves during the day, seeking dark places such as under the barks of trees, between rocks and tight cracks. Everyone knows a scorpion when they see one, with a pair of crawlers and a long tail equipped with a stinger at the end.

Scorpion Body Armor Plates

However, another trait that makes them difficult to control is their heavily armored body. Scorpions are part of the arachnid family. Some people know that many insects such as spiders and scorpions have their skeleton on the outside of their body. This trait acts as armor which protects their internal system. The scorpion’s outer skeleton is much thicker than other arachnids and can protect them against many insect or pesticides. This makes them difficult to control using common methods. Keep in mind scorpions have been around for four hundred million years and with very little evolutionary changes, which is due to their survival success.

Scorpion Breeding Season

Scorpions typically move into yards and nearby landscaping before they invade a home. When you have multiple intruding scorpions found inside your home each summer, this indicates a strong population outside your home. The average scorpion, depending on species, is able to live between three to five years. Others up to fifteen years. Each species vary but most scorpions will mate once a year starting in spring and by summer a single mother can have up to one hundred young which she carries on her back feeding and protecting them until they are big enough to hunt on their own.

What Prevents Scorpions?

Controlling scorpions needs to start outside. Scorpions require food, water and shelter, so begin looking around your home where scorpions might hide. What are they eating and where are they getting water? Scorpions will eat anything it can kill, which usually consists of smaller pests. They love crickets, cockroaches and other bugs including spiders. If you control the other pests in your yard, you will help reduce scorpion population. Maintain a clean yard, keep your lawn trimmed and avoid an overgrowth of bushes, shrubs and trees. Another major help is reducing hiding places and other pests that scorpions can feed on. Scorpions will hide in yard debris including loose leaves, branches and even mulch. Avoid having large rocks in your yard. Scorpions can squeeze underneath rocks or go between them. Remove any un-needed clutter outside around your home and repair any leaking spouts or sprinklers that the scorpions may use as a water source.

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You can protect your home with chemical treatments. However, you will want to seek a professional pest control company. We have stronger pesticides that are much more effective on scorpions. If you are battling scorpions or any other pest this summer, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today!

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