What Attracts Scorpions & How to Prevent Scorpion Pests from Getting in Your China Grove, TX House & Yard

There are some pests that are sneaky and can be hiding around your house and your yard that go unnoticed. They are the type of pest that hide in cracks and other brush and only come out at night when you would normally be asleep. One of the pests that are in that category are scorpions and they are something that you want to think about before they start to come out. Scorpions are a pest that you may overlook but they have a nasty sting that can cause a serious amount of pain. They also can cause a worse reaction if you have an allergy. There are several species of scorpions that you may come across but most of them are treated in the same manner. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines what you can do to prevent scorpions from getting in your house.

Start Preparing for Scorpions in the Spring Months

Most people are under the impression that they can forget about scorpions until the summer when they are usually out in abundance. The problem is that the spring is the best time of year to start to prepare and prevent. That is because the spring time is when the plants, trees, flowers and brush start to grow and if left alone can become overgrown. This is also when you stop using your firewood and you leave it stacked up and left until the colder months come back. The reason that this matters when you are talking about scorpions is that they will hide and live under these areas. They will get under overgrowth, wood piles and other debris. You want to make sure that when the spring starts you do what you can to control the areas that scorpions will start to hide out. Scorpions start to come out of their nesting areas in the springtime.

Don’t Feed Scorpions what They Eat; Pests

Another problem that you will come across is that the food that scorpions are looking for can be all over your yard and in your house. They happen to eat other pests that are roaming around your home and property. You want to make sure that the food they are after are eliminated and that means that you need to have your home treated for pests. If you are able to keep pests out of your yard and house scorpions will not have something to entice them. This can be done when you call out a pest control company and continue the service through the entire year.

Scorpion Pest Inspections at Night

You also can start to look for the presence of scorpions when the weather warms up. This can be done by calling out a professional that deals with scorpions but it can also be done by a homeowner. You want to get a hold of a black light flashlight that you can use to scan the yard. Be sure that you get under the bushes, rocks and the cracks of the walls. If you see anything that starts to glow from the light you call out pest control services. If you see one there are more out there and it is best to start the treatment right away.

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