What Attracts Rover Ants, Where Do These Pests Live & How to Get Rid of Ant Infestations in Alamo Park, TX

During the summer seasons many ant colonies are fully active as they seek out food and foraging sites. One ant that is found foraging inside Texas homes is the Rover ant. Rover ants are very tiny. They are the same size as a tick. They can be very hard to control once they begin invading homes for food. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control would like to share how you can identify and control Rover ants in your home and yard.

What Do Rover Ants Look Like?

Rover ants can be rather diverse in color. They range from a light yellow color to a dark brown, and even black in color. They truly are very small. They are less than 1/8 of an inch long. They do have a very distinct appearance. They have small round heads and a tear drop shaped abdomen that is rather big in comparison to the rest of their body size.

Where Do Rover Ants Live & What Attracts Them?

Rover ants, when outside, like to forage underneath the protection of mulch, leaves and yard debris. However, you can often find them rummaging through trash cans. Rover ants depend on water and can be seen in groups, drinking from tiny droplets. They are often drawn to over watered gardens or pools. Rover ants become a bigger problem during the middle of the summer season. The heat often draws them indoors in search of food and more comfortable foraging sites. When rover ants invade inside the homes they are often found inside bathrooms or kitchens. When inside the home, they love to forage for sweet or fatty foods. As they are very small they often enter the home through small cracks in the foundations or between doors and windows. Rover ants are not considered to be a serious threat. They don’t cause damage or spread disease. They do sometimes nest inside electric outlets, inside the wall and light sockets. When they do invade, rover ants can be very annoying as they are not easily removed from the home once a colony invades.

How to Control Rover Ants

Controlling rover ants may seem simple. However, they can be more difficult than most people realize. Rover ants, due to their size, can find many ways into the home. When you feel like you closed the door, a new one will simply open. Rover ants, once they have found a suitable food source, will be very aggressive to get to that food source. The ants will look for new ways to get into your home. To stop rover ants from invading inside your home, the entire home perimeter will need to be treated. When dealing with rover ants, you will want the inside of the home sprayed as well. Make sure that the inside walls are open enough that pesticides can be applied to keep the ants out. If a nest has made its way inside the home, a professional pest control service can locate and treat the nest directly.

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As the season begins to get warmer and warmer, you may begin to see rover ants and other pests invading your home. If you need professional pest control services, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today.

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