What Attracts Mice & Rats to Your House in San Antonio, TX? How to Keep Rodents Away from Garage Door & More

An infestation of rodents is one of the worst to have! Most rodents are known to cause health troubles that includes allergies and breathing trouble for people that have asthma. They also are known to carry disease and bacteria that can easily be spread to people that come in contact with it. The hardest part is that most of the time you don’t see the danger since it can come from them walking across a counter of their feces or urine getting on usable surfaces in your home. One of the best ways to combat an infestation of rodents is prevention and knowing where they could potentially gain access to your home. It is always easier to prevent a problem than it is to treat it especially when it comes to rodents. They are very sneaky and are usually hiding really well in the day when you are awake and looking for them. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control lists ways that rodents can be getting into your home.

Mice & Rats Can Come in Thru Electrical & Utility Lines

One of the ways that a rodent will be able to get access to your home is through the utility lines that are running over head. The lines are there to get the utilities that you need to each home in the area. The problem is that they are a great highway for a rodent to walk along. They are able to scale the pole and walk along the wires until they are at a spot they can jump down on the roof of a home. This is a great way for them to find an opening to get inside to make their nest and reproduce.

Rodents Can Get In Through Dryer Vent

The clothes dryer in your home is a great appliance to have. It is usually set up to a vent that allows the air that is used to escape the home. If you have ever walked by a home while the dryer is going on you have smelled the fragrance from the dryer sheets. That is because that vent is outside the home. That in turn is the issue when it comes to keeping rodents out. The rodents can come in along that vented area and right into your home.

Rats & Mice Can Get Under Garage Door

The garage door is a huge opening that is secured by a large paneled door most of the time. The door is attached to a motor and some springs that allow the door to open and close with the touch of a button. The garage door is edged with a type of weather stripping that seals up the gap to the outdoors. The problem comes when that gap opens up and a rodent can get right in.

Rodents Can Get Through an Attic or Roof Vent

The bathroom in your home has a vent at the top that is usually attached to the roof in some way. The vent is open to the outdoors and that means a small mouse or even a rat can come in if they get to the roof. If you have crawl space or attic that has a vented window you also could have rodents gaining access. The vents are small but plenty big for a small rodent to squeeze right in.

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