What Attracts Flies the Most & How Do You Get Rid of Fly Infestations Inside Your Sandy Oaks, TX House?

When the weather outside is warm and pleasant, you may have the urge to crack a door or window to let some of that glorious fresh air into your house. When letting in the fresh air, you also may be letting in the common house fly. This pesky pest buzzing around your head is enough to make anyone feel nuts. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is here to share some measures that you can take to keep flies out of your home.

Why is Bad that Flies are in My House?

The biggest reason you want to avoid a house fly infestation in your home is their ability to transmit disease. They are found to be the carriers of many diseases including:
• Several forms of food poisoning
• Dysentery
• Anthrax
• Tuberculosis
• Typhoid
Flies actually defecate every couple of minutes which is the leading cause to the transmittal of these and many more diseases. Also, in order for a fly to ingest food, it has to be liquefied first. For this to happen, the fly spits digestive juice on the food to help break it down to liquid before eating it. Gross, I know.

How Do You Stop Flies Coming into the House?

Although, it seems almost impossible to eliminate the house fly completely, there are some measures that can be taken to greatly reduce the chance of them taking over your house. The best way to eliminate flies, it to eliminate their breeding grounds. Those places that attract flies include:
1. Over-ripe or rotten fruit in your kitchen. Flies are greatly attracted to sugary foods and over-ripened fruit is their specialty.
2. Garbage and trash cans. Be sure your garbage and trash cans have a secure lid. It is also recommended to clean them regularly to avoid attracting flies. This includes garbage cans inside and out.
3. Pet feces. Keeping your yard clear of your pet’s feces will help to reduce the fly population.
4. Sink drains. Keep your floor and sink drains clear of any blockage to avoid water accumulation. Since flies require moisture to breed, this can help eliminate your problem.
5. Pet food. Flies are attracted to your pet’s food like they are to yours. Don’t let pet food sit out since it attracts flies.
6. Unattended food. Never let food sit out on your kitchen table or counters. It gives them a food source, and a place to lay their eggs.

Flies are Attracted to Garbage

Proper sanitation is the key to avoiding a house fly infestation. Since flies are the source of many diseases, you should always dispose of any food that you have seen flies land on. That way you can avoid getting sick by these pests.

Home Sealing for Fly Pest Control

You should always check the screens on your doors and windows. It doesn’t take a very big hole or crack to allow flies to enter your home. Repair any rips or tears to your screens and this will allow you to get that fresh air without letting flies take over your home.

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Flies are not only irritating, but carry a real health risk with their presence. If you have found that your house fly population is out of control A Five Star Termite & Pest Control can help. With the proper knowledge and tools to eliminate house flies, we can rid your house of this common pest. Call us for all your pest control needs!

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