What Attracts Crickets into My in Timberwood Park, TX House & How to Keep Cricket Infestations Away

If you have ever been sitting enjoying the silence for it to be broken up by a cricket chirping in the room then you know how annoying they can be. When crickets start to chirp it is usually in the night or at least in the quiet part of a day. When a cricket hears noise or senses movement they will stop to chirp which makes them very hard to find and exterminate on your own. Crickets are not a full time home invader. They tend to live outside and like to enjoy it. They don’t really want to be in your house per say but they will get in and when they do they can be a huge annoyance. Crickets are a pest that are most common in areas that are warmer such as a kitchen when you tend to cook a lot or in a bathroom or garage. The garage is a shelter for crickets as well as a place for them to stay warm. When a cricket gets in your home they will find a small gap or crack and hide away. Most crickets that you will come across are about an inch in length and they can be a yellow, tan or brown in color. They will eat plants but are also known to feed on clothes, fabric and furniture. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines ways you can prevent crickets from getting into your home and garage.

Clutter Attracts Crickets in Your House

Removing clutter goes a long way to keep crickets out. When there are lots of places to hide it is an easy place for a cricket to come in and stay unseen. If you have lots of boxes in particular you could be attracting them. They like cardboard so keep the boxes to a minimum. General clutter should be removed from your home so that crickets don’t have a place to hide and you can see them easier if by chance one makes it in.

Seal Cracks & Pest Proof Your Home

Sealing up cricket entry points is a way to keep not only crickets out of your home but other pests as well. If you have gaps in doors and windows take time to add some caulking or weather stripping to keep the space sealed and stop anything small pest from getting in.

Clear Outside Landscaping to Keep Crickets Away

Crickets tend to live outdoors so if you are giving them space to hide out close to your home then you could be letting them get too close. You want to be sure that any grass, firewood and other debris is cleared away and the space kept clean. Crickets will go find another area to live that has better hiding.

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Crickets are a common sight in late summer and fall in many parts of Texas including San Antonio. If they have invaded your home or business, call A Five Star Termite & Pest Control to get rid of them!

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