What Attracts Bugs in Your Hollywood Park, TX House? Garbage, Dog Food, Light & More

No one wants to see pests in and around their home. Most people think that as long as they are clean and they wash up their dishes they won’t have a problem with pests. This is a great way to stop pests from wanting to come in your home but there are some other things you could be doing that ultimately can inadvertently attract many types of pests. If you know what these things are, most people will do what they can to avoid these actions. You also want to be sure that you stay on top of your pest control needs and have the home treated on a regular basis. That way you are able to cover all your bases. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control lists some of the ways you may be attracting pests into your home.

How Do You Keep Bugs Out of Garbage?

You can’t just clean up your dinner and dishes and then leave all the leftovers from your meal in the house. Even if they are in the trash can the remnants are a huge draw for many types of pests. It seems that cockroaches, ants and even flies are attracted to the trash can and the leftovers that you have in your home. It is best to take the bag out each night to stop attracting these pests to the inside of your home. It doesn’t stop there. If you keep your garbage cans in your garage you could be giving flies and maggots a perfect area to exist. The garage is more humid and warmer which is great for pests to live. The best way to house your garage is to seal everything in a bag and left outdoor in a garbage can that has a lid.

Do Dogs & Cats Attract Bugs?

When you wake up in the morning you probably have some breakfast, get ready for work and feed the pets. That usually means taking a bowl filling it full of dog or cat food and leave it on the floor so the pet can eat while you are away. Most people make the mistake of leaving the food out all day and night. This is a great place for cockroaches and other pests that want an easy meal to go. Pet food is a perfect and preferred food source so it is best to allow the pet to eat for an hour and pack up the food until the next day.

What Type of Light Attracts Insects?

It is known that most pests are attracted to light! That means on a nice cool night if you choose to open the doors and windows you are going to start seeing pests fly in. That is because they are attracted to the lights that are on your porch or in your house. If you are using a light that is white in color you might be attracting pests. It is better to use yellow lights or yellow LED lights which is less attractive to pests.

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