What Attracts Black Widow Spiders to My House & Yard in China Grove, TX & How to Get Rid of in China Grove, TX

Black widow spiders frequently strike fear in people, especially if they are found around or inside their home. Black widow spiders are well known to be one of the most venomous spiders found throughout America. Black widow spiders will be seen more and more often as the temperatures get warmer. To help prevent a major infestation, A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share how to control black widow spiders around your home and your yard.

What Attracts Black Widow Spiders?          

When it comes to controlling black widow spiders it is important to know what will attract black widow spiders to your home or yard. Black widow spiders, particularly the female, infest an area abundant with food. The males will follow the females. When it comes to the male and female Black Widow, it is the females that possess the bigger threat. It is the females that have the more deadlier venom. The female black widow spiders are larger than the males and are the more well known by their appearance. A female black widow can reach up to one inch in length. They are jet black with a bright red hourglass figure on their abdomen, which is large and globelike. The males are only half the size of the females, and they don’t always have the red hourglass marking. Additionally, the male Black Widow spider also has a very small oval shaped abdomen.

Pest Control to Get Rid of Bugs that Spiders Eat

Black widow spiders, particularly the female, can feed on a number of different critters. They have been seen eating small birds, snacks and rodents. However, their diet primarily consists of insects and other spiders. To prevent a major infestation, you will need to first control their food source. It may seem impossible to keep all of the insects and other critters out of your home that black widow spiders will eat. However, you will simply want to minimize their food source. How do you control other insects, including spiders from your home? The answer is cleaning.

Trim Landscaping to Discourage Pests

The cleaner you keep your yard and area around the outside of your home, the less insects and other pests there will be. This will include mowing the lawn, trimming trees, shrubs and bushes. Make sure to properly discard plant waste. Never leave a pile of yard debris on your yard as it attracts spiders and their prey. Avoid having lots of clutter directly around the home. Spiders will still find places to hide though. Black widow spiders will build their web near a hole or crack where it can hide during the day. Therefore, look for holes and cracks around the home, block walls or other features around your home. You can fill in these holes with a basic silicone caulking glue. Black widow spiders like to hide in dark safe places during the day, so by filling in potential hideouts, you will reduce black widow spiders.

Home Pest Sealing

Lastly, make sure Black Widow spiders and their prey can’t enter your home. Make sure that the window screens function properly and that the door fully closes. Next, make sure spiders can’t simply walk in through the door. Weather-stripping can wear down. This creates small enough gaps for spiders and other pests to enter the home. Replace the weather-stripping when needed.

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