What Attracts a Bed Bug to a Person in Sequin, TX? Breath, Body Temperature & Dirty Laundry

If you are concerned about bed bugs you can apply some techniques to prevent them. There are lots of tips on keeping yourself safe from bed bugs when traveling and visiting places. Bed bugs are known for catching a ride on clothing, bags and other fabric. You want to be sure that you keep these items out of reach when traveling such as keeping them in a sealed bag. The best thing you can do is to leave your belongings outside the hotel or motel room until you have done a thorough check the room. These are not the only places to come in contact with bed bugs but it is a common place. You want to be cautious when you are traveling with nay large group or area that others have used just before you. The best thing you can do to prevent is to know what bed bugs are after and what they are attracted to. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control lists what attracts bed bugs to you and your home.<

Bed Bugs are Attracted to Your Breath?

There is a good reason that bed bugs are nocturnal and come out at night. The food that they feed on is easiest to come across at night while you are sleeping. They feed on blood while you sleep. You might be wondering how they know where you are in a large room. The simple answer is when you are sleeping you breath in oxygen and out carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide will stay just over your body in the largest concentration and that is what tells the bugs that there is food to be had. They follow the smell of the carbon dioxide and latch on to the exposed skin.

Body Temperature Can Attract Bed Bugs

Another way that these pests find their way to your body is the temperature. These pests just like many other pests are looking for a nice warm space not only to live but also as a source of food. The room you are sleeping in is the temperature of the house which is on average about 78 degrees. While you sleep in your bed tucked in your blankets that particular area can be around 90 degrees! This is a great signal to tell the bed bugs to come on over for a great meal.

Dirty Laundry Attracts Bed Bugs

There are some people that think that bed bugs have no preference to the type of clothes or fabric they cling to. The interesting thing is that they do have a preference and you most likely think it is the opposite. There were researchers that assumed that bed bugs would prefer the clean laundry but they don’t. They studied them in the same environment but with two baskets of each type of laundry. Then carbon dioxide was added to the room the bed bugs that were in the dirty laundry stayed there! That means it is best to keep your dirty clothes in a sealed plastic bag when traveling to keep them as an attraction to the bed bugs.

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