What are These Tiny Brown Bugs in My Pantry in Elmendorf, TX? Flour Beetles, Meal Moths, Fruit Flies & More

Flour Beetles

There are two very common flour beetles, the confused flour beetle and the red flour beetle. These beetles are very small, measuring 3 to 4 mm for adults. flour beetles make pests of themselves in flour and cereal products they are common in homes and grocery stores- infestations can occur in mills and food processing facilities. If you spot small tubular beetles around stored food or in the stored food, you may have flour beetles. Controlling flour beetles starts with a thorough inspection. Any item that has been infested needs to be thrown away and the pantry and cabinets will need to be vacuumed to remove food particles. When you restock your pantry, store products in sealed containers to prevent new infestations. Insecticides will then be applied and will be put into cracks and crevices where the beetles may be hiding.

Meal Moths

Also called pantry moths are considered to be the most troublesome of the moths that infest stored products in the United States. They will infest cereal products, dried fruits, whole grains, pet foods, bird seed, dried nuts and milk. You may notice small moths flying in a zigzag pattern around pantries or other infested areas. They are gray in color with a reddish brown coppery luster on their forewing. Fully grown they are about ½ inch. Control includes vacuuming to remove hiding insects and be sure to empty the vacuum cleaner afterwards to prevent reinfestation. Clean food spills quickly, paying attention to cracks and crevices.

Fruit Flies

Seasonal produce can lead to fruit flies. Adults fruit flies are 3 to 4 mm long and brown or tan in color. During the summer they will be prevalent, especially at harvest time. Indoors they are active all year long. They like to eat ripened fruit and vegetables and fermenting products. You may have an infestation of fruit flies if you see them flying around in the kitchen or trash cans that might contain decaying fruit or vegetables. They can also be found around liquor or beer bottles. It is very hard to rid a home of a fruit fly infestation. You need to properly store fruit, regularly wipe counters, clean spills and empty trash cans to prevent them. Afterwards, you can use other control methods. Eradication may require several treatments and a lack of food will cause them to die out eventually.


Gnats are small, long-legged insects. An indication you have them, is seeing them flying around. The best way to control them is to figure out which plants have wet soil and allow them to dry completely before the next watering. This will ensure that larval stages in the soil will be killed. Adult gnats can be removed with a vacuum cleaner around windows and around plants. You should also eliminate possible food source and fruit should be stored in the refrigerator if you’re experiencing gnat problems as it prolongs the fruit’s ripeness period.

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