What are the Spiders that Come Out in the Fall in Kirby, TX? Black Widow, Wolf, Crab Spider Species & More

There are many types of spiders found in San Antonio, TX and being able to identify them can help you understand the best way to have them treated. Spiders can be harmful to your family especially to younger children and pets. Some of their bites can be venomous and can cause health problems that need to be addressed by a health care professional. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines some of the spiders found here to look out for this fall season.

Are Black Widow Spiders Deadly?

This is a spider that has a venomous bite and can be dangerous if you come across. Although most spiders will run for cover when someone comes near, you may sneak up on one by accident and a scare will put the spider on defense. This spider can be identified by their black coloring and their specialty mark on their abdomen. They have a red hour glass shape that is seen easily. This shy spider will tend to hide away and as long as they are not startled they won’t try and bite a passerby.

Are Wolf Spiders Dangerous?

Wolf spiders are another species that can be scary to come across. Unlike a black widow, these spiders have a shorter leg span that tend to be thicker and the body can be identified by their fuzzy appearance. They tend to be a grey or brown color and are an ambush predator. The spider will wait for their prey to walk by and will jump out of hiding to attack. ‌Wolf spiders don’t pose much of a threat to people but as they are quite large, their bite may be painful.

Can You Touch a Garden Spider?

This is a spider that is found mostly outdoors and comes in several types of color variations. The most common types are yellow and black banded and are found in gardens and near trees. They spin their web in an orb shape that has some cool looking zig zag designs. The other common coloring is yellow and black stripes and they also found often outdoors. They tend to spin their web near the ground to catch the prey that they are looking for. Garden spiders are docile and nonaggressive but they can bite if threatened, trapped or stepped on.

How Do You Identify a Crab Spider?

This is a spider that can be identified by their carb like legs. The legs are longer in the front and curl around so that it looks as if they mimic a spider. They are usually yellow and white and hide out in flowers and wait for prey to come by.

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