What are the Harmful Effects of Mosquitoes in Leon Valley, TX? Zika Virus, West Nile & Other Diseases

When you talk about pests that are not only a nuisance but are dangerous to the health of everyone around, you may be talking about mosquitos. A mosquito is a small fly insect and has a long protruding tube like mouth that is used to suck blood. The mosquito can fly and tend to be found in areas that have standing water or an area that is very humid. They feed on other things than just blood from people and animals including nectar from plants and fruit. The bite of a mosquito can be very dangerous since it can carry and transmit disease to people and pets with one small bite. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control some of the dangerous diseases mosquitoes can transmit.

Is Zika Virus Still a Threat in 2021?

This is huge in the news these days as a disease that is spreading quickly all around the world. The Zika Virus is caused when an infected mosquito bites a person and they become infected. The symptoms of the disease are too extreme and could be thought to be a normal common cold or flu. You might have fever, rash, pain in the joints and red eyes. These symptoms can last as long as a few weeks. The biggest health concern with this is that many woman that have been infected have then given birth to a child that has some birth defects.

Is Malaria a Killer Disease?

This is another disease and it has been around for an extremely long time and most people say it originally started in Africa. Although the chances of contracting this disease from a mosquito are low it is still a possibility that most people are not willing to chance. The female mosquito carries the parasite and when they bite the host it transfers to them and infects them. The symptoms will show up more than a week after the initial infection and can mimic the signs of a flu as well. They are fever and sweating.

What Happens if You Get West Nile Virus?

You may think that you live nowhere near the West Nile so you should be safe. That is just not true. The virus showed up in Africa and has since run through the entire world in areas that mosquitos swarm. The signs that you have contracted this disease could be mild but could also be very life threatening including swelling in the brain and spinal cord.

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You want to be sure that you are protecting yourself and your loved ones from mosquitos and the diseases that they carry. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control offers a full service mosquito control program that can relieve your home and property of these pesky flying pests. Call us for all your pest control needs.

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