What are Gnats Attracted to, Why Am I Getting So Many in My Bulverde, TX House & How to Get Rid of Them?

Gnats are an annoying pest to man and beast alike, despite their tiny stature. There are several ways gnats invade homes and businesses. Inviting themselves through the open doors and windows as well as holes, gaps, cracks, and other opening caused by damage or neglect, gnats can gain entry your home or business through other methods as well. Adequate screens for the windows and doors as well as properly sealing utility access and immediate repairs on any existing holes and gaps can keep the little gnats but there are other methods used by the gnat to get into your home. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control would like to take this opportunity to discuss the two most common gnats that come into your home or business.

Why are My Getting So Many Gnats in My House?

Fruit fly gnats and fungus gnats are the two most common gnats that will intrude into your home, though they are quite capable of flying inside if given the opportunity, but they are also carried in with the purchases made. These gnats feed on either fermenting edibles or even jars of apple cider vinegar as opposed to the traditional flesh and blood. Typically, these gnats are seen floating around trash bins in search of food. The more they are able to multiply and within a short time frame, indicate the better fed these gnats. With increasing population, dozens can be seen scouring the walls and ceilings until their numbers are so great that clouds of gnats are floating by. Bringing in these gnats from the very items you purchase; fungus gnats are brought in potted plants and fruit fly gnats produce from the grocery store.

How to Keep Gnats Away from Your House

To help you avoid gnats from coming into home or business there is a few preventive measures you can take. Below are a few suggestions to avoid fruit fly and fungus gnats invading your home.
1) Properly store fruit: Instead of storing fruit and/or veggies on the counter or table when you bring it home from the store immediately put the freshly purchased produce in the refrigerator.
2) Clean: Excellent sanitation is required for controlling the population of fly species. Other pests prey on gnats, such as spiders, consume gnats, not only are gnats drawn to waste, but the other insects are attracted to gnats, making additional problems; keeping the home clean helps you avoid gnat infestation. One infestation can set off a chain reaction it may prudent to call in a professional if you have an abundance of gnats, or any type of flies, appearing in your home to avoid other infestations.
3) Seal the trash: If you do not have a trash can’s lid on tight and secure, consider replacing your waste basket with one that has a sealable cover; until the trash daily so that foods can’t ferment and invite the gnats in.
4) Screens: Ensure the screens installed in your home are small gauge to keep gnats our; refrain from leaving doors and window open without a screen.
5) Inspect. Before carrying items prone to gnats, inspect them before bringing it inside; remove any that might be present.

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