What are Ants Most Attracted To & How Do I Stop Ant Pests from Coming in My House in Live Oak, TX?

Ants can drive a person mad. Why do they invade your home? When you discover a trail of ants in your home it’s important to figure out which ones you’re dealing with. Ants that are commonly found in Texas include pavement ants, odorous house ants, carpenter ants, acrobat ants, citronella ants and flying ants amongst many others. Some of these ants can be destructive. Carpenter ants and acrobat ants can cause structural damage to your home. Carpenter ants are more destructive because they will destroy sound wood along with wood that has been weakened by moisture damage. Acrobat ants tend to damage only areas where moisture is a problem. All ants need to be dealt with, but carpenter ants need to be dealt with in a hurry to avoid the damage they can cause.

What Attracts Ants So Quickly?

After you have identified the ants you’re dealing with, you can more effectively get rid of them. You will also be able to figure our exactly why they invaded your home in the first place. There are times when ants come into your home for reasons that can’t be explained, but they are usually either looking for food or a place to build a nest, or both. Ants will survey over an entire area looking for food before they decide to build a nest. If food isn’t in the surveying territory, they will move on, but they may come back from time to time to see if anything has changed. Your landscaping may be attracting ants to your home. Insects that feed on plants and produce sugary secretions are food for ants. You will have more ants in your home if your landscaping includes these plants.

How Do I Stop Ants from Coming in My House?

1. Keep your home clean. Keeping your kitchen clean is the best way to keep ants away. Ants will invade kitchens looking for food and water. Clean spills and crumbs as soon as possible so they don’t attract ants and don’t keep over ripe fruit in your kitchen either.
2. Trim your trees and shrubs. Ants will use trees and shrubs to get into your home. Keep them trimmed to block a pathway into your home.
3. Smart landscaping. Consult with a landscaper to make sure you aren’t planning to use plants that will attract the insects that ants eat. If you still want to use these plants, you may need to treat them to keep ants away.

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Ant removal supplies that you can get at the store will not solve an ant problem. They might be a quick fix, but they will be back unless you destroy the nest. Professional pest control is the only way to go. Professionals understand ants and the way they behave. This of course makes treatment of all kinds of ants very effective and permanent because problems will be solved rather than treated. The professionals at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control can make sure your home will be protected from future invasions of any pests. Give us a call today!

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