Warm Spring Weather Invites Bees & Beehives Near Your San Antonio TX Home; How to Prevent & Remove Stinging Insects

Spring is here and warmer temperatures make enjoying the outdoors a lot more tempting. What doesn’t make enjoying the outdoors easier is the influx of insects that are beginning to appear. Most insects can become extremely annoying when they venture closer and closer to your home. The constant buzzing and flying around can send you mad, especially if it seems to never end. One of the most annoying and potentially dangerous insects that we come into contact with is the bee. While one single bee pollinating a flower in your garden may not be a nuisance, a swarm of bees flying around your property is definitely something that should be attended to.

Beehives in Your Backyard Property Can Be Dangerous & Should Be Removed

Many homeowners have dangerously stumbled across a beehive on their property, and in some cases even attached to their house. You may not even realize it is there until you start mowing your lawn or other activities around your residence. Beehives near a home pose a dangerous threat to those that live on the property. Bees can become easily aggravated and if they feel the slightest bit of agitation they may swarm together and go after whatever or whomever it is that is causing them to get stirred up. Bees can damage your home and slowly begin to build their hive within your walls, in your attic or other areas of the home. If you suspect that there is a beehive in, on or near your home, contact A Five Star Termite and Pest Control today!

How Many Bee Stings Are Deadly; the Fatal Statistics

Every time you step outside, you risk the chance of being stung by a bee. Bee stings happen every day, all of the time and are usually not that big of deal to most people. Although they are extremely painful, creating an instantly sharp shot of pain, they usually can be self treated. However, there are some cases where a bee sting can turn deadly. If a person is exposed to a large number of stings at once and is not treated by a medical professional immediately, they may go into shock and experience other serious medical conditions as a result of the large number of stings. According to the website of Texas A&M, it takes about ten stings per pound of body weight for bees to administer a lethal dose (a 150 pound individual would have to receive 1500 stings). Other serious stings include a person that has an allergic reaction getting stung. People that have an allergic reaction to bee stings often times experience the feeling that their throat is swelling up and they can no longer breathe. Immediate emergency medical attention is required when someone with an allergic reaction is stung by a bee.

To keep bees and other pests away from your home or business, contact A Five Star Termite and Pest Control today in San Antonio, New Braunfels, Cibolo, Seguin, Canyon Lake Texas

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