Useful Insects & Their Uses in Canyon Lake, TX; Bats & Spiders Eat Insects, Bees Pollinate & More

When it comes to the word pest, it means something that is annoying or a nuisance. When it comes to pests such as insects, rodents, wildlife, arachnids and bugs it can also include something that causes damage or destruction. Pests are a problem for people in their homes or around their property. The amount of pests that can be found around your area can change with the weather. That does not mean there are seasons that are safe from pests. There are pests that are able to exist in many climates and it they are not able they often gain access to homes. Most people don’t want to have pests around at all but there are some pests that are a huge benefit. They may not be great inside your home but their existence is a must.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Lists Pests that Are Great to Have Around

Benefits of Bats for Humans: Bats are a pest that if you have come across can be quite creepy. They are mostly seen flying around the house when the sun sets and the darkness starts to come in. They are a nocturnal pest that stays sleeping during the day. When dusk starts they can be seen out hunting. This is what makes them such a great pest to have around. Are you worried about insects and want to have pest control? Well they are a natural way to do that. They have a huge appetite and that means that during the night they are actually consuming many of the mosquitoes, insects and other pests that you are concerned about. Bats have been known to take out 100 mosquitoes in as little as a single hour. That means you can take all those mosquitoes attacking your outdoor event or a few bats that are flying around. While bats are great to have around, they are still bad news to have living in your home due to the danger of their droppings. Bat guano can transmit dangerous diseases such as Histoplasmosis.
Why Spiders Are Good: One of the most feared pests among people happens to be the spider. Spiders come in many species that range in size. They are a pest that will likely not be seen because they usually live alone and want to stay hidden away from people. The other great thing is just like bats they are a natural pest control plan. They are able to eat the pests that are potentially damaging your home. By the time a spider has lived a full life it could have ingested more than 2,000 insects and bugs. While spiders will not bite unless they are cornered and seem to have nowhere to go, you may not want spiders in your home as non venomous spiders often look a lot like venomous spiders that can be a great risk to your loved ones if they were to get bitten.
Bees Are Important to the Environment: Now with a pest that is often a problem in the warm months the bee is a major contributor to your livelihood. They are able to keep the population of plants, flowers, fruit and other vegetation alive. They pollinate the plants that we use to eat and enjoy.

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Although these pests are beneficial in general, no one really wants to have them in their house! It is best to call out a pest control company that has the ability to treat your home and property for them. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control offers pest control services to treat for unwanted pests.

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