Understanding Ant Behavior in Garden Ridge, TX to Help Get Rid of Ants in Your Kitchen & House

Have you ever wondered why certain people do what they do? If you really want to know all you have to do is to go over and ask. People are unique and have their own ways to do particular things. We can understand it because our language allows us. When it comes to animals and pests it is much harder. We can’t just go over to a pest and find out what they are doing by asking. Research has to be done and then analyzed to get a clear understanding. The great thing is that there are dedicated people that do all sorts of research. When it comes to pests they may have some strange behaviors that are not understood. Ants are a pest that are fascinating to most people but not really understood. They do have some strange behaviors that if you understood may help you know what they are doing around your house.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Outlines Why Ants Have Such Weird Behaviors

Why Do Ants Always Walk in a Straight Line?: One of the most defining characteristics about ants is the way that they travel. If you notice ants around your home or your property you have likely seen them in a line walking around. They are always on the hunt for something to eat and that is why they are moving around on a regular basis. Have you ever wondered why they are always walking in a straight line? There is a good reason for this strange behavior. They are trying to travel since they are worker ants that are sent out to collect as much food as they can. They want to stay together for safety and the line is due to the pheromone that they exude. They leave their scent behind them and the next ant picks it up and continues the process. This is what the ants are looking for and they are keeping in a line from the smell. When the path has been interrupted the ants that are behind the interruption will start to run around frantic. They will search out a path around so that they can get back on track.
How Much Weight Can an Ant Carry?: Another thing that you have likely noticed about ants is that they seem to be able to carry a very heavy load. They are able to pick up a large piece of food and carry it back to the colony. It does not seem like they should be able to carry an object that is that much larger than they are. They have a huge amount of strength that allows them to carry an object that is much heavier and larger than they are. This helps so they are able to collect the amount of food that they need to make it through the cold winter months.
How High Can Ants Climb Walls?: You also might be wondering how they are able to walk along the walls and the ceiling of a house. There are some pests that include ants that are able to walk on surfaces that seem utterly smooth to us. When it comes to ants they have small hooks on their feet that allow them to get in even the smallest nook and cranny of a wall of surface. That means they are able to get around and on any area of your home they want.

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