Types of Stinging insects in Olmos Park, TX; Africanized Honey “Killer” Bees, Yellow Jacket Wasps & More

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is passionate about rescuing our valued customers from the pests that inflict them, including the stinging pests. Bees, wasps, yellow jackets and hornets are extremely active in the spring and summer months, and if threatened, or their aggressive nature is dominant, they can cause painful stings, and even extreme allergic reactions to you, or your loved ones. There are over 800 species of bees and 2000 species of wasps found in Texas. The most common among them setting up residence on your property is more likely the honey bee, Africanized honey bee, carpenter bee, or bumblebee, though specialists have noticed some new species in the region, studies are being conducted to find out more about them. The most common wasps found here are yellow jackets, cicada killers, mud daubers and Mexican honey wasps.

Are Honey Bees Friendly? What About Africanized?

Honey bees are known for their production and storage of honey. They also fashion incredibly large nests using the wax secreted by worker bees within the colony. Honey bees are generally golden-yellow with brown bands, but some subspecies of honey bees can be black, but most have varying dark-to light striations. Honey bees are generally very docile but their colonies can be overtaken by Africanized honey bees who are dangerous stinging insects. They have been known to chase people for more than a quarter of a mile!

How Do You Tell the Difference Between Bumblebees & Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees have a few distinct colored bodies being either black, greenish black or metallic blue or purple. Both male and female bees have yellow hairs on their legs, thorax and abdomen, but nowhere near as full or vibrant as bumble bees. They prefer seeking refuge in wood, and if they have you would notice sawdust on the ground, and a combination of feces and pollen, both yellowish in color are close by. The males are more aggressive in protecting the nest, but do not sting. Females are capable of stinging but will only do so if they feel threatened with no escape. Bumblebees are large, and extremely fuzzy, mostly to be yellow and black in color, but can be also orange or red. Bumblebees have a pollen basket found on their hind legs that use to collect pollen. Females possess stingers and have pointy abdomens, where the males lack stingers and have round abdomens. They construct their nests below the ground, at ground level, or slightly elevated from the ground and prefer the dry areas. Bumblebees are not normally aggressive and will only sting out of fear.

How Dangerous are Yellow Jackets?

Yellow jackets are also found be yellow and black, but they have more slender bodies in contrast to bees. Yellow jackets are pollinators and dine on flies, beetle grubs, and other harmful insects, however, they are also scavengers consuming meat, fish and sugary delicacies. Nests are usually located in high places and often go unnoticed, but the yellow jackets doing their foraging and scavenging clue most people in to their presence. Yellow jackets are known to be aggressive in protecting their colonies, but are not so quick to sting, but when they do they can inflict multiple stings which are quite painful and can induce severe allergy reactions. Hornets and wasps are dangerous and should be avoided and left to professionals. Chewing on strips of bark, their saliva creates pliable paper to build their nests. They can be extremely aggressive in protecting their territory, and can impose painful stings.

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Stinging pests not only can cause pain, but people with various degrees of allergies, they can be harmful and even fatal in some cases. Discovering these stinging insects in close proximity of your home or business means enlisting the aid of the experts. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control professionals are equipped with expertise and quality equipment and products to rescue your home or business from being victimized by the stinging insects found in Greater San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas. Keep our contact information in your phone for quick responses!

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