Types of Damage Caused By Insects & Pests in Cibolo, TX; Birds Making Holes, Termites Eating House & More

When you are a homeowner you want to make sure that your home is in good shape and that it is maintained. There are things that you cannot prevent such as a bad storm that comes and damages your tree or roof. There are other natural disasters that you cannot avoid but there are other things that you can do. One of the areas of home maintenance and protection that you can do is with pests. There are several pests that can cause physical damage to your home if they are not taken care of. When you have a pest that does cause damage you have parts that you have to deal with. One is that you have to deal with the actual pest and try to have them treated. Then you have to have your home repaired so that it is in good living condition. You want to know what pests you need to be cautious of that do cause damage to your actual home. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines what pests cause damage to your home.

Termite Damage

One of the pests that you want to be aware of that are on the top of the list that cause home damage are termites. Termites are a pest that start to swarm around the neighborhoods in the spring to find a place to nest and live. The termites can go undetected if they are not inspected and you do not have consistent pest services. Termites will swarm in the spring and then take up in a place to feed. If you happen to be where they stop they can get in the walls of your home and will immediately start to cause damage to your home. They chew through the wood on the interior of your home and will create tunnels that they live in. They eat the wood and studies have shown that they work non-stop and that means that an infestation can take a major toll on your home. This is damage that must be addressed and repaired to ensure you have a safe home.

Mice & Rat Damage on House

Another pest that you are sure to have home and property damage are from mice. They are a pest that will try to get in your house throughout the year. They are always looking for a place to feed and a place to nest as well. They like to get in homes and will use the attic, crawlspace and behind the walls as a place to live. The damage that they are known to cause happens to be the insulation, wiring and wood that is in the walls. When they start to chew through cords it can be a potential fire hazard that puts your family in danger. They need to be eradicated from the home then the house will need to go through repairs.

Birds Making Holes & Causing Other Damage in House

Birds are a pest that you might not find in your home but they can roost on your roof. They have been known to cause damage to homes where they nest and roost. Their feces can become problematic and cause roof damage. They also can bring nesting material on the roof that will create moisture and that can cause a mold and mildew to grow as well.

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