Spider Invasion. Creepy Movies that Have Scenes with Spiders; Spiderman, Arachophobia, a Tarantula in Home Alone & More

If you want to watch a movie that has a scene with spiders in it there is a lot to choose from. There are many movies that use this eight legged arachnid to show fear in a movie; and the movie goers will cringe while watching. Spiders come in many sizes from extremely small to quite large ones such as tarantulas that are even kept as pets in some homes.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control List Notable Movies that Have Scenes With Spiders

Tarantula Spider in Home Alone: This is a movie that shows the trials one boy goes through when his family leaves him behind by accident during a trip. The kid is left at home to try and keep some would be burglars out of the home and he chooses some pretty silly tactics to get this done. One of them is when he uses his big brothers tarantula to drop on one of the burglars to scare them off.
Spiderman: Another movie that is obviously built around spiders is Spiderman. The premise of the movie is a boy goes into a lab and is exposed to the bite of a spider that has gotten loose. The spider has some work done in the lab that is put in the venom. When the spider bites, the venom then passes to Peter Parker and that allows him to get some super human spidey powers. He is able to throw spider webs from his hands and scale some walls. The actual spider is not shown for too long on the movie but plays a huge part in the story.
Arachnophobia: This entire movie was produced around the fear that people have of spiders. There are not too many spiders around the world that are aggressive enough that they would go after someone. Most spiders are actually going to run away and hide if they see someone coming towards them. They realize that a person is much bigger than them so it is best to hide than it is to fight. In this movie the spiders are in such large numbers that in the final scenes of the movie, the spiders are coming from every direction; out of the showers, through the windows and just about covering every single surface.
Aragog in Harry Potter, Chamber Of Secrets: In this movie the main character Harry Potter has to venture out in the woods to talk to a giant spider. Just to make the spider even more menacing it talks and after Harry does his best to get some help from him he has to run for his life. Not only is the large spider after him but the hordes of smaller spiders are after them and they have to outrun them before they are caught. It is one of the scenes that causes some anxiety when you watch it.

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These are all just movies that show spiders in some form whether in their true form or fictional to make the movie even greater. There are still more that show all kinds of pests and that is proof that people don’t want to have them around their home. Contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control for all your pest control needs.

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