Spider Facts in St. Hedwig, TX; Spiders are Predators, They Produce Silk, Most are Venomous & More

The vast majority of people know the basics of spiders; they have 8 legs and they are creepy. But they have some truly compelling qualities that make them fascinating. We at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control would like to share some of these compelling facts concerning spiders today.

Cool Things Spiders Can Do & Other Spider Facts

1) Female spiders can mistake their male counterparts as food source. If she is hungry enough, she will feed on a male suitor as the risk approaching a female hunting on other invertebrate prey. To identify themselves as a mate instead of being perceived as a meal, the male will often perform an elaborate dance.
2) Female spiders will use the silk they produce to protect their eggs. Just after mating, the females will begin fashioning a silk bed to deposit her eggs. After she is done producing her eggs, she will cover the egg sac with more silk.
3) In order to move their legs spiders basically rely on muscle as well as blood pressure. In some joints, the legs extensor muscles lack entirely. As a result, in order to effectively extend their legs at these joints, the spider increases the blood pressure in the legs by contracting the muscles in the cephalothorax.
4) Not every type of spider will build a web. Instead of using a web to capture the prey, some spiders, like the wolf spider for example, will ambush their meal after stalking it. Some will rely on enhanced sensed an abilities and pounce on their prey, like jumping spiders that have incredible eyesight and extremely fast movement.
5) Male spider uses their pedipalps to mate sexually, but transfer sperm in an unorthodox manner. The male spiders deposit their sperm on a silk bed or web they crafted. After which, they will collect the sperm onto his pedipalps in the sperm ducts. When they mate with a female, they insert the pedipalp into the female’s genital opening to release the sperm.
6) Spiders are predators; they either capture or hunt their prey. Insects and other invertebrates are the primary food source for most species of spiders, but some of the larger species will prey upon birds and other vertebrates.
7) Solids are not digestible for spiders. Before they eat, spiders must liquefy their prey. Basically, spiders will project an enzyme on to their victim’s body to break down the tissues. The spider will then suck up the liquefied remains along with the digestive enzymes.
8) Spiders will create silk throughout the all the lifecycles. Not all spider species will use the silk the same way but a few examples silk is used include making shelter, reproduction purposes, capturing prey, and protecting offspring.
9) Every type spider has 2 parts of a body; an abdomen and the cephalothorax. The abdomen is the posterior region, where the spinnerets reside. On the anterior body region is the cephalothorax and that is where the fangs, eyes, legs, and palps are located. The abdomen and the cephalothorax are connected by an attached narrow pedicel that gives the spider an illusion of having a waist.
10) Most spiders are venomous; the exception is spiders belonging to the Uloboridae family and they do not possess the venom glands. To subdue their prey, spiders utilize their venom. Near the fangs, what are called the chelicerae, the venom glands are attached by ducts. The muscles around the venom glands contract to inject the venom through the fang when the spider bites its victim, causing it to be paralyzed.

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Though these facts are interesting, few want spiders, especially dangerous ones, hanging around their homes or around the grounds. If you want to keep them away or have an infestation of spiders, call A Five Star Termite & Pest Control for management services or to get rid of the infestation as quickly as possible.

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