Signs Oriental Cockroaches have Infested Your House in St. Hedwig, TX & How to Get Rid of Them

Is your home or yard being invaded by cockroaches? There many different species of cockroaches that affect Kentucky homes every year. Here in the State of Kentucky we often are invaded by the American cockroach, Oriental cockroach, the German cockroach, and the Brown-Band cockroach. Each species of cockroach has there own diets, behavior and there are some better suited control methods for each type of species. One species that is frequently seen invading homes are the Oriental cockroach. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share more about Oriental cockroaches such as their behavior, identifying features and how to better control this types of cockroach.

What Does an Oriental Roach Look Like?

The oriental cockroach is not the largest, but are one of the larger species of cockroaches found in America. They can grow anywhere from 1 to 2 inches in length depending on their living environment. The males are about half the size of the females and the males also have a short pair of wing where the female oriental cockroach doesn’t have wings at all. They can vary in color. They may appear black to a reddish brown, or orange brown in color. Some may even have reddish brown on the top half of their body with a dark brown or black bottom half. Oriental cockroaches have a greasy or oily shiny look to them regardless of their color.

What is the Behavior of Oriental Cockroaches?

The oriental cockroach prefers to live in dark damp area. They are often called a water bug due to the desire and need to be in high moisture or wet areas. That’s why oriental cockroaches are often found entering into homes by climbing up drainage piping. However oriental cockroaches can become easily distressed during unfavorable weather and will look for shelter. They will enter into any building or through any entry point they can find. Oriental cockroaches like to feed on decaying vegetation. However when food is hard to find they will look for anything that may contain high amounts of starch. They are also very dependent on water. Because they need large amounts of water, they will be drawn to leaking pipes and plumbing inside or outside of homes and other buildings. They often infest sewage drains as well.

Signs Oriental Cockroaches have Infested Your House

An oblivious sign of an infestation is, of course, frequent sightings of oriental cockroaches. The next sign is see feces that may look like pepper flakes around your home and typically in bathrooms, laundry room and kitchen areas where there are high amount of moisture. You might see egg capsules lying around. Egg capsules look like a pill capsule. They are usually brown or brownish-orange in color. Lastly, if there is a musty odor that may seem stronger in certain areas of the home or building, this could be coming from a large group of oriental cockroaches.

What is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Oriental Roaches?

For a successful pest control program, especially when it comes to any species of cockroaches, is prevention. Remember cockroaches, especially oriental cockroach, start outside most of the time. You will want to maintain a clean and orderly yard and landscaping. By keeping yard debris cleaned and bushes and lawn trimmed you will help prevent cockroaches from using the outdoor vegetation as shelter or feeding grounds. This helps keep them away from your home. However, oriental cockroaches are known to enter into homes through sewer, and other drainage systems. It helps to keep all the drains covered or plugged when not in use. You can easily buy drain screens to place over any drain within your home. It is very beneficial if you have all the piping and plumbing repaired to prevent access to water anywhere on the property or within the building or home. Lastly regularly spraying insecticide in and outside of the home is essential.

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