Signs of Bed Bug Infestations in University City, TX; Bites, Fresh Blood Spots on Sheets & More

Bed bugs are tiny blood feasting insects that prefer humans as their banquet. Since humans are not covered with dense fur or feathers, bed bugs find it much easier to feed on humans versus other animals. Bed bugs have yet to pose any health treats to humans mostly just leaving behind itchy bug bites and sometimes allergy symptoms from the antihistamines they leave behind. However, as their number increase they can become unbearable. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share a few classic signs your home has bed bugs and how to treat the problem.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs are very small as well as flat which makes it hard to see them directly. However, with close inspection you can see them with the naked eye. A fully grown bed bug is about the size and shape of an apple seed, but very flat unless they recently feed. After feed the bed bug’s abdomen changes from an apple seed shape to a spear that bulges. Adult bed bug are brownish color, while the eggs and nymphs and pale also transparent. Bed bugs are spread to homes by other people. They will cling onto fabric like material such as clothing, backpacks, and luggage. Bed bug can be picked up from different types of location such as on a bus, at a friend or family member’s home or even from visitors.

Bed Bug Bites & Other Signs

As it can be hard to notice bed bugs at first their presence becomes more apparent as you develop more and more bug bites. Waking up with bug bite isn’t very odd, however reoccurring bites are. Bed bugs will return to the same feeding site and often hide near by. When bed bugs feed they leave behind bug bites but that are either found in tight clusters or in straight rows on different exposed areas of the body. However, bug bites aren’t the only sign of bed bugs. Most easily seen on lighter color bedding are reddish or brown color spots. These spot are one of two thing, it is a bed bug that just fed and somehow got crushed. The other is bed bug feces, bed bug excrete a brownish color liquid which areas a little brown spot. The spots can be found on pillows, sheet or even directly on the mattress. Mysterious bug bite and red or brown spots are often the earlier signs of bed bugs. Later as their numbers grow you may begin see actual sighting of bed bugs. At this point you will want to seek professional help.

Bed Bug Inspections & Treatment

Bed bugs often require specialized treatments. There are a few ways to treat bed bugs. Often the pest control service will first want to do an inspection to determine the hot spots and how bad the infestation is. However, when treating bed bugs the pest control service will do their part but the home owner has a few steps to take as well. The homeowner needs to do a little house cleaning, focusing on the bed. It is recommended to help treat bed bugs, you will need to wash the bedding with hot water and dried on high heat. The mattress should be clean and steam treated as well as the carpet and other linens in the area of the infestation.

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