Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation in Shavano Park, TX; Bed Bugs & Eggs, Bites, Blood Spot on Sheets & More

You might start to feel a bit itchy when you think about bed bugs. It seems like we’re hearing about bed bug infestations more and more, making the chance that you might deal with one more likely. One female bed bug can lay up to 12 eggs each day. That turns into 200-500 bed bugs during her life. With those numbers it’s easy to see how quickly an infestation can get out of hand. On top of the fact that they are prolific breeders, they are good at hiding too. You will need to find every single bed bug in all its stages to completely eliminate an infestation. Over-the-counter treatments for bed bugs are ineffective, especially with the eggs. Even if you get rid of live bugs the eggs are likely to survive and the infestation will continue.

Early Signs of Bed Bugs

1. Red, itchy bed bug bites. Bed bugs will leave bites that are small and red. You may get bitten by bed bugs and not have a reaction. In fact, only 30-60% of people do not have a reaction and you may not itch. Bed bugs will feed while you sleep. They will inject an anesthetic, so you won’t feel anything. You will notice the bites when you wake up near blood vessels on the hands, legs, neck and arms. Many bugs will leave bites behind so you should find out if they are due to bed bugs.
2. Unexplained blood on bed sheets. Bed bugs will also inject an anticoagulant as they feed to help the blood flow more freely. This will result in blood droplets forming at the feeding site that will transfer to your sheets. If you notice these spots you will need to consider a bed bug inspection.
3. Rust stains on mattress. On top of blood spots, bed bugs will leave fecal stains behind. These spots will have a foul odor and may smear when you touch them. These stains can be left on items other than bedding, like walls, pictures or in corners. If these spots are left behind on hard surfaces, they will look more like small black spots that resemble back pepper.
4. Bed bug casings & cast skin. As bed bugs go through their life cycle, they will shed their skin. These skins are tan in color and can be found in areas where bed bugs can be found, like the creases in your mattress and along baseboards.
5. You see bed bugs during the day. You may notice actual bed bugs and not the other signs they leave behind. Adult bed bugs are flat and oval in shape. They are light brown, have six legs and no wings. They are usually swollen and darker in color after they have had a blood meal. Bed bugs resemble an apple seed, measuring about ¼ inch long.

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It can be problematic to confuse bed bugs with other pests. The professionals at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control can identify any pest. Call us immediately if you suspect you’re dealing with bed bugs.

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