Should I Worry About Carpenter Bees in Seguin, TX? Can Stinging Insects Ruin Your House?

When it comes to pests there are many that are on the list of pests you never want to see. They are feared and when they come in your house they can infest and damage it. The list of pests that are not so great to have around are cockroaches, beetles, crickets, mice and much more. One pest that we have and actually need to have is the honey bee. The bees have huge needs in the world and although they are on a list of pests they are one that should be treated with care. They are a pest that produces honey that can be used to treat health concerns, skin conditions and sweeten our goodies. Although they are a great pest to have around there are other bees that are not so great and can actually cause damage to your home and property. The carpenter bee is a nuisance and should be taken care of by a professional with the ability. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines the differences between honey bees and carpenter bees.

How Do You Know if You have a Carpenter Bee?

When you hear bees buzzing around your bushes or home it can be hard to determine what you are looking at. When it comes to bees most people don’t want to get too close for fear that they will be stung. Bees are not likely to hunt you down to sting you so as long as you take care it is okay to get a little closer look. Carpenter bees have a different physical characteristic than a honey bee which will help you tell them apart. When it comes to a bumble bee they have an abdomen that has yellow markings and will have a layer of fuzz. The carpenter bee has a belly that is bare of fuzz and will be black and usually shiny. The other aspect that you can look at is how they are flying around. Honey bees are more sporadic and will be seen darting around while the carpenter bee is much more calm and is often flying alone as they are solitary bees.

Will Carpenter Bees Sting You?

If you are concerned about the carpenter bee stinging you need not fear. They are a bee that is solitary and are not found in large colonies. The male carpenter bee does not have a stinger and they females will lose the ability to reproduce once they have stung. That is why they will only choose to sting if they are instigated.

What Damage Can Carpenter Bees Do to a House?

They are a bee that will burrow into the wood around your home. The tunnels that they use will start to weaken the wood and if it is part of the structure of your home or steps it can be dangerous. The wood will need to be replaced or repaired. If you are dealing with carpenter bees around your home you want to be sure that you call out a professional.

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A Five Star Termite & Pest Control offers custom stinging insect solutions. After an inspection, if we determine the pests on your property are wasps, we will exterminate the wasps and destroy the nest. If we find bees however, we will recommend a local beekeeper to relocate them. Call us to conduct a pest inspection today.

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