Should I Do Pest Control in the Winter in Castle Hills, TX? How to Get Rid of Cold Weather Pests

The winter weather changes how people function and live. The lower the temperature drops, the more likely people are to spend time indoors. The weather change also affects the types of pests that you will start to see around your home. Many pests won’t last through the weather change and the cold will send them into hibernation and possibly death. Although this is true for some pests it is not true for them all. There are many pests that can easily survive the cold winter months. Many of them need to use your home as a shelter and that is why it is important to continue your pest control all year long. Don’t buy into the myth that pest control is unnecessary during the cold months. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control lists reasons you need to continue pest control services this winter.

Not All Pests Die in Winter

One of the things that people assume about pests in the winter is that they all die and cannot possibly survive the frigid temperature. That is just not true and there are many pests that are able to get through the winter. Pests such as spiders have characteristics that allow them to be able to live in the cold. To start off they are cold blooded and that means they are the same temperature as the weather around them. They are also outfitted with an antifreeze that attaches to the frozen particles that would normally freeze the blood of the spider. Even though they can stay outdoors they don’t. They need to come in the house to look for food which happens to be other insects and pests.

Household Pests are Already in Your Home

Just because it is cold outside does not mean that it is cold inside. When you keep your house a comfortable for you, it is also comfortable for pests as well. The pests are able to continue to live in the home and nest and breed through the cold. If the weather outside changes that is all the more reason that pests will stay inside. They need to stay out of the cold and if you stop your pest control treatments then they are able to thrive. They could be living in the walls, under the cabinets, in the attic and much more. You don’t want to let a pest that has already made a nest in your home to continue to live there. That just allows them the time to reproduce and survive while the temperatures are cold outside.

Pest Prevention is Most Effective

One thing about pest control is that most people don’t want to see pests in their home at all. The best way to do that is to continue your pest control services throughout the year to ensure that an infestation is not getting out of control. Dealing with an infestation is fairly difficult and that is why prevention is the key.

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