Should I Be Worried if I have Silverfish in Terrell Hills, TX? How to Get Rid of Occasional Pest Invaders

There are pests that are going to get in your home. They happen to all be looking for the same thing. They want to get access to the environment that best suits their needs, food they can eat and water or some level of moisture. You can control most of these things and block access to your house so that they are not able to get in. Lastly you can have your home treated for unwanted pests by calling out a pest control professional. Even with all of that you will have occasional pests that get in your home that you may be wondering about. Silverfish happen to be one of the pests that are interesting when you see them scurry through the house. You might not know much about them and why they are in your house in the first place. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines some interesting facts about silverfish that you likely didn’t previously know.

What is a Silverfish?

The first thing you need to know about the silverfish is that they are not a fish at all. There are reasons they are called a silverfish with one being the fact that the way they move makes them look like a fish swimming. They are shaped a lot like a carrot and will only reach about an inch long. They have antennae that come out of the front of their body and three antennae that they have out of the back. These are what help them to know where they are and what is around them. They are also a shiny silver in color and are able to move quite fast.

Silverfish are Bad Climbers

Silverfish are a quick moving pest that are fairly small. Even though they can move fast they are not a climber. They are not able to get up the sides of your walls, bathtub or other surfaces that are not horizontal. They also do not have wings so they are not able to fly either. This means that their fleeing is strictly across the floor.

What Does a Silverfish Eat?

The other aspect about silverfish is what they are really after. They are like most pests that want to find food to eat in your home. They can be found eating your food that are in your pantry but they go even further than that. They are found eating pages out of your books, the fabric on your clothes and curtains. The main draw for them happens to be the glue that is used to hold the pages together of your book or glue that is used on clothes. They have been known to chew holes through and even leave stains on them from their urine and feces.

Silverfish Cannot Survive in Low Humidity

The other aspect of silverfish is that they need moisture to survive. That means they are often found in your bathroom where there is moisture in abundance. From towels on the ground to the water and condensation that exists when you have a shower. They also can be a sign that you have a leak somewhere that needs to be addressed.

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