Scorpion Facts & Myths in Spring Branch, TX; Baby Scorpions Are Not More Venomous!

Scorpions are one of the most misunderstood pests, they are feared for their intimidating looks and ability to inject venom when they sting. Of the 1,500 different species of scorpions, however, there are only about 25 that inject a venom that can be potentially lethal to humans. In Texas, we commonly run into the Striped Bark Scorpion, which can indeed be venomous, but lethal doses to humans are rare, in fact there hasn’t been a fatality in over 20 years. However, if stung by a scorpion it is essential you get medical attention to combat the venom in your system. Today, we at A Five Star Pest and Termite Control would like to take an opportunity to dispel a few myths surrounding scorpions.

Myths About Scorpions

Myth: Adult scorpions are less venomous than their offspring.
Many people that a baby scorpion is more venomous than the adults, and find they are less concerned about an adult scorpion than they are the offspring. Babies, however, are not necessarily more venomous than the adults. The species determines how potent the venom is, not the size or age of a scorpion. For example, the bark scorpions are small in comparison to other species, but their venom is more venomous than their bigger cousins, though the sting of a bigger scorpion may be potentially more painful.
Myth: Scorpions are immune to insecticides.
Scorpions are a challenge to kill, and once they make inside your home, it can seem impossible to free your home of their presence, which is one of the reasons as to why the myth of scorpions being resistant to pesticides developed. Additionally, insecticides are by design, used to kill insects, and scorpions are not an insect but rather they belong to the arachnid family. Since scorpions have a longer lifespan than most insects, they can also seem impervious to chemicals. The average lifespan of a striped bark scorpion is 3-8 years but can even longer yet, whereas the typically lifespan of an insect is a season or so. Because of their nocturnal and other habits, most scorpions track over residual chemicals that can kill them slowly, over a few weeks or even months. Those spray directly can die a lot quicker, but as mentioned, you will likely not see them and that isn’t always effective either. The bottom line is that most people have unrealistic expectations of the chemicals available to the public. Investing in professionals that include scorpion control in their services is the most effective approach to killing the scorpions in and around your home.
Myth: Scorpions are only a problem in new developed neighborhoods or houses in close proximity to vacant deserts.
The fact is scorpions can be found virtually anywhere. They can be brought in inadvertently on trees and plants freshly planted and other means, especially if scorpions have been thriving in a particular area. Where newer homes and homes close to desserts have a higher risk of getting scorpions intruding inside, any home can be inflicted with scorpions.
Myth: Scorpions are aggressive towards people.
Despite popular belief, scorpions are not aggressive towards people. Most scorpions are more timid around people than anything. Scorpions typically sting when they are in defense; such as when someone accidentally steps on them or sticks their hand unknowingly where they are trying to escape the daylight hours, and so on. Though their stings can be painful, and the potential venom poison can be serious, scorpions are actually important for the eco-system.

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