Scared to Sleep Because of Bed Bugs in Converse, TX? Bed Bug Inspection, Treatment, Removal & Prevention

Bed bugs have become one of the largest nuisances when it comes to insects that invade our homes. Bed bug populations are on the rise and many hotels are finding it difficult to get rid of them. Bed bugs love to travel and so many people unknowingly bring bed bugs home from a family vacation or work trip. Bed bugs will crawl into luggage, latch onto clothes or hitch a ride inside of a shoe and easily find their way into a new home where they have a number of new hosts to feast on.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide During the Day?

Once bed bugs have successfully gained access into your home, they have an insane ability to stay hidden and go unnoticed for quite sometime. Bed bugs are often compared to the appearance of an apple seed. They are flat, dark brown in color and very small in size. This appearance gives the bed bug a great advantage when it comes to hiding out during the day and waiting until you are asleep to crawl onto your body, sink its jaw into you and begin sucking out your blood. Bed bugs hide in sheet seems, furniture cushions and mattresses without going noticed.

Early Signs of Bed Bugs

There are a handful of signs that will alert you of bed bugs in your home. One of the most visible signs that point to bed bugs in your home is waking up with bite marks on your body. A bed bug bite is rarely strong enough to wake you from your sleep, but it will leave a sizable bite mark on your skin that is usually red in color and causes a small welt to rise. Other signs of bed bugs in your home include rust colored stains on your sheets; these are caused by blood spots that the bed bugs leave behind after they have engorged themselves with your blood. Bed bugs are also known for leaving behind a foul and musty order as well.

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